He lives with his parents!

Downtown Los Angeles from Bel Air

Okay – I did it! I took Jared’s advice and hung out with someone for “just right now” – and it felt great and there was no pressure! It was kind of refreshing and a little scandalous because he still lives at home with his parents.

I know that I am not following my new intentions/resolutions for 2018, but I’m following some advice that Jared gave me regarding my non-existent dating life. He said, “a hook up buddy is what you need right now, so just go have fun. And you never know this kid might be the one.” Which, he’s right. I mean, I’m single as fuck, so really what do I have to lose, right? Besides, the only dates I’ve gone on in the last few years, have been with guys like Jared, who I have scattered throughout the country, one in Mexico and one in Europe who I just have “dates” aka hook up with when I’m there town or there’s in mine. So I’m just going to fun with this, no expectations and no strings attached.

After six weeks of me turning down Ariel’s invitations to hang out, I finally gave in. I did play a little hard to get, I also said no to him coming over – I don’t know him well to allow him into my home. But after he made me literally laugh out loud, I asked him for his address and then suddenly I was super excited. I needed this. So eager that I forgot to put make-up or even change my clothes. I just grabbed my purse and my jacket headed out Which I had no idea where he lived until I exited Sunset Blvd and drove through the gates of Bel Air.

I drove all the way to the top, parked my car and I was overlooking all of Los Angeles. It was beautiful. I sent him a text telling him that I had arrived, per his instructions. He texted back, “walk up towards the next house and wait for me at the side pedestrian gate.” The next house? I don’t understand why I didn’t just park at that house.

Following his instructions, I walked over to the pedestrian gate and within a few seconds, the gate swung open. It was him. He was smiling. He said,”hey.” I replied, “hi” as I walked through the gate. He looked different than I remembered. Maybe it was because he was wearing a white T-shirt, basketball shorts and slippers. He gently closed the gate and lead me through the very well manicured property. We passed a tennis/basketball court, a pool, a guest house and most of the large white stoned mansion before we arrived to his own private entrance that led directly up to his bedroom. How convenient? I know, that should’ve been a sign right there to leave because he’s clearly done this numerous times, but his goofy, dorky character was kind of intriguing.

We walked into his room and he said, “Have a seat.” My eyes scanned the dimly lit room there was no where to sit other than the bed.  I looked at him and smirked. This little shit. I don’t even know him and I am going to lay down in his bed, sober? What? But I was curious so I walked over to what looked like would be my side of the bed, he followed. He helped me remove my jacket and he hung it up and asked me if I needed something to drink. Um, yes please. I asked him for red wine. He handed me the remote, asked me to find a movie and then he walked out of the room.

I unzipped and removed my ankle boots, set them down next to my purse on the floor. Hopped up into the bed and oh, my god! Ariel’s bed is by far the most comfortable bed of any guy I’ve ever “hooked up” with, I think it might even be more comfortable than the beds at the Ritz. Ahhh… the thread count had to be like a million and everything was freshly pressed. I was kind of in heaven.

I grabbed the remote, scrolled through the film catalog that appeared on his TV screen and then there it was, Sally’s Field’s latest flick,  Hello My Name is Doris. A film about Sally Field’s character having a mad crush on a much younger guy at work. Seems like the perfect film for us! Ha!

Side note: I do not know Ariel’s age; I believe he’s in his twenties. Remember, we met randomly at a bar, I was with some girlfriends that are around my age and he was with his friend, whom told me they were in town visiting for the Thanksgiving break. He tried to get me to hang out that night but I wouldn’t. I have no idea if he cyber stalked me or not, because if he has, then he knows my age but if not, then c’est la vie. Also, another side note – Isn’t the whole being able to cyber stalk someone before you actually get to know them kind of annoying? I mean it forces you to have a preconceived idea of who you are according to the web. Anyways…

Menage A Trios

About 25 minutes later, he finally came back to his room carrying a tray with one wine glass (because he wasn’t drinking), a bottle of red wine and two glasses of water. He set the tray down on the nightstand next to me and then poured me a glass of one of the cheapest wines you can buy at CVS. WOW! Not gonna lie, I was kind of offended but I guess in his defense he might actually think that Ménage-a-Trios is a decent bottle of wine. I personally do not drink American wines because of all of the extra sulfites they add. But I was just gonna roll with it.

Calvin Klein Underwear

He checked to see if there was anything else I needed, then he walked over to his side of the bed, stripped down to his white Calvin Klein’s and hopped into bed. He looked over at me, looked me up and down, and asked, “you good?” I smiled and said, “Yes!” Ha! I think he was expecting me to strip down to my panties and join him. But that was NOT doing to happen. Who is this kid? And who strips down to their underwear to watch a movie on the first hang out?

He hit play and about ten minutes into the film, he looked at me with a smile and asked, “Is the wine alright?” I smile back and said, “it’ll work.” Damn, he’s so… I don’t know how to explain it. He kept looking at me, waiting and hoping for me to give him something so I added, “we should continue watching the film.” Omg! His energy definitely brings out the sass in me and I like it!

Once the film ended and his constant talking about the film during the film – which usually drives me crazy but for since we were talking about age differences in relationships it was necessary to gage how he felt about it all, not that he and I were going to turn into a relationship, he turned the TV off. Then with a click of a button from his cell phone, mellow music came through the speakers. He set his phone down, leaned forward to adjust his pillows and as he sat back he looked over to me and I can’t believe what he asked me. He just came right out and asked, “So do you wanna fuck now?” He was so confident and so forward. It was so surreal, and because of that, I was totally into it. Sort of. I replied, “Ummm, usually there’s some kind of foreplay or you just make a move and like lean in and kiss me.” And then, he literally made me want to laugh so hard. He said, “I don’t want feelings to get involved so I don’t kiss and besides, I’m too old for games.” TOO OLD?? Oh my… was he serious? And not kissing – who says that other than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? This kid is way fucked up but for some reason, it totally turned me on, perhaps because it’s kind of like a challenge. I mean how do you hook up without kissing?

Grapeseed Oil

Well, this is how…He asked if I’d massage his left shoulder blade. So specific! But hey, at least there was so foreplay, right? I said, “sure.” So, he reached over and grabbed a bottle of grape seed oil from his night stand – I know, another red flag, but let’s just go with it cause I really don’t want to think about how many girls he’s had do this routine. After about ten minutes of massage his shoulder blade, he rolled over onto his back. We talked a little bit as I gently played with his chest hairs, which usually I am not a fan of but for some reason I liked his chest hair. I liked his skin, it was extremely soft and clear and I wanted to kiss it so I did. I kissed his chest, I kissed his neck a few times, then his ear – he really enjoyed that. I don’t think anyone’s ever kissed him there. I slowly moved towards his lips, I went in for a kiss and he pulled away.

Without skipping a beat, I kissed his chest and moved my lips down towards his navel. I stopped and played with the hair on his navel. I kissed it then worked my down between his thighs, I kissed his left inner thigh and then removed his CK’s. I nestled between his legs and began sing my tongue and working it around his delicate, soft skin.  He asked me to go slow and gentle, it wasn’t slow enough, so I went even slower. My tongue was barely touching him. It was almost like a light tickle. I’ve never known a guy to want something like this. I was intrigued and extremely turned on. My lips and tongue worked every millimeter of his groin area, doing exactly what he asked me to do.  He MOANED. And then I found a sweet spot on his left testicle. Then he really moaned, a lot. Kept asking me to run my tongue over the same spot. I did. Working my tongue around by his breath and his moans. I can feel how hard he’s become, I very carefully insert him into my mouth.

After thirty minutes of me servicing him, I popped my head up and told him, “I want to feel you inside me.”  I sat up, removed my clothes, yes, I still have all of my clothes on and ask him to get a condom. He said, “I don’t have one.” I laughed and I told him that I’m not down to have sex without a condom. He begged to skip the condom and claimed he was clean. Which, yes most girls would be like oh you’re clean okay then let’s just do it but I am more concerned with the fact that I am near ovulation and I did NOT want to accidentally get prego, even though this kid clearly has some serious cash, it wouldn’t be right. Besides the dude is definitely a player and a half, so I told him he needed to go find one or were not having sex. He left to go search and about ten minutes later he came back with a limp dick and ONE Trojan from his brother’s room. So you can guess where I went after he hopped back into bed, back down south for another twenty or so minutes. (I’ve never ever ever had to work so hard to get a guy hard; normally a guy is just hard right away. So strange to me.)

Then finally, we were ready to, as he put it, FUCK. He put the condom on slower than I’ve ever seen anyone, turned onto his side and asked me to back up into him. I did. Then he seemed a little confused on how and where to put it in. Why and how is he confused? Is he a virgin? There’s no way this could be possible right? Then he got it in and asked, “Is that it?” I wanted to laugh but I kind of felt bad for him. Is this why he didn’t want to touch me because he has no idea of what he’s doing?

Once we started actually having sex, I realized Ariel was definitely NOT a virgin. We had pretty good first time sex, minus the part where we came a little too early. I was like; you couldn’t have waited a few minutes? He was all, “I thought you said you came.” I replied, “no, I said I was about too.” Happy little Ariel apologized and blamed my lack of an orgasm on miscommunication.

We laid naked next each other for the next hour. He told me about his business plan for a company that he is trying to develop. We talked about what I do for a living. It was nice, we just enjoyed each others company. I wanted to go another round but since only found one condom in his brothers room so we were S.O.L.

As I sat up, topless baring my chest to the world, to check the time on my phone, I looked out the window that was across the room, you could see the rest of the U-shaped house, or other wing, I guess you’d call it, there was gray haired man walking around a room on the other side of the house. I ducked down into his bed, hide under the covers and asked “who’s that old man?” He replied, “My dad!” WHAT!??? His dad?! Omg! Did his dad just see us do the deed? How old is Ariel and why aren’t there curtains on his windows?  I asked, “Can he see us?” He said, “No it’s fine.” FINE? The room is dim but there’s still enough light for him to see us. Omg! I had to get out of there but I couldn’t I had to wait until his dad was done doing whatever it is that he’s doing in that room.

Holding Hands

Within a few minutes, his dad was gone and I tried to escape his bed but he kept pulling me back. He tried to do everything to get me to stay a little longer. He asked for another massage, asked me more questions about how to improve his business plan and tried to just hold me. Then he asked if I wanted to spend the night. Is he crazy? I didn’t want to wake up to his mom knocking on his bedroom door. Although, I did think about how funny of a story that would be to tell my friends and I was curious as to what that would be like, to wake up next to him, not the whole mom part of it of course. But I didn’t. Instead, I got dressed, under the covers just in case someone was watching and he walked me out. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and I drove home.

This morning I woke up with a text from him, “want to watch football?” I did want to watch football but he can’t come over to my house because I don’t have cable so we’ll have to figure something out.

I am really glad that I followed Jared’s advice, I needed to back in the saddle and start riding around.

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