Two dates and a birthday party!

Well, my Sunday was definitely a FUNDAY! I ended up hanging around the beach with one boy during the day, kicked it to my friend’s 40th birthday dinner and then ended the night at Ariel’s.

Biking Santa Monica Boardwalk
Biking to Big Dean’s

Ariel was already barking up my tree in less than 6 hours of leaving his place. He wanted to hang out and watch football. Asked if he could come over to my place – which he couldn’t because I don’t have cable (I didn’t tell him that part) and he wasn’t down to go to a bar. So, we said we’d reconnect later.

It was a cloudy beach day and what I really wanted to do was to go to Big Dean’s to watch the playoffs outside, drink Bloody Mary’s and eat nachos. And just then Jared texted me, “What are you doing?”

Yes, you can guess who joined me on my little beach adventure – Jared! We cruised down to the beach and along the boardwalk before arriving to Big Dean’s. We made our way through the extremely crowded bar and landed at a picnic table in the back with some random folks. He handed me cash and said, “order us two Bloody’s. I need to hit the loo.” I tried to order us two Bloody Mary’s but some how I forgot they weren’t on the menu, nor were nachos. Epic fail on my end! Instead, we enjoyed two beers, skipped ordering food and watch my team dominate the first half of the game. During the commercials Jared asked how the night went with Ariel. I told him pretty much everything, minus the part where Ariel is an extremely selfish lover because he didn’t need to know that yet. This is my journey, not his.

Turns out, Jared was actually really happy for me so happy that he created whole plan for me. He was like you can’t fuck this up and this kid could be your baby daddy, “just get knocked up.” Hold up! First of all, I don’t know if I want a kid for sure or not. I’ve thought about it only because I am turning 40 and every tells me I need too. Secondly, I would never ever, ever just “accidentally” get pregnant. I was an oops and I kind of grew up with that guilt on my mind my whole life. I’d never want to trap a guy. And lastly, if I have a kid, I’d want the whole package – a lovely husband who wants to be a dad. I told Jared to chill with that whole idea. Then he asked if Ariel gave me an orgasm. HA! He’s so curious and I know it drives him a little nuts if other men make me cum, typical man. I smirked and said, “you know you’re married, right?” Yes, sorry everyone but this is why he and I can never be more than we are. He’s married! They have an open marriage, I don’t understand it but it’s not for me to understand. And to be honest, I think I like that it is what it is. Anyways, I was still wanting nachos and a Bloody, so we left and kicked it to another bar.

We rode down beach and came up to Main Street and parked our bikes at Brick & Mortar. Which was nuts! They had a DJ spinning over the game, which was dumb – it’s the play offs, I need to hear the game. So he peed, again and we biked over to Enterprise Fish Co. off of Main Street because I knew they definitely had bloody mary’s and it was happy hour! We ate, talked more about Ariel, watched my team pull off a win, split the bill and hightail it to my apartment because I needed to be at The Fairmont Hotel for a friend’s 40th birthday dinner in about 5 minutes.

We get to my place and he insisted that he needed to come up, I say, “If you come up then you’re taking me to the dinner because I am already running a little late.” He agreed. The moment we walk through my door, he grabbed me. He kissed me. But I pulled away and headed  to my room to change. As my football t-shirt went up over my head, his arms wrapped around my waist. He pulled me into him, we started kissing. He removed my bra as we fell onto the bed. He started unbuttoning my jeans and then I stood up and said, “I can’t miss this dinner.” I don’t think in nine years of hooking up with Jared that I have ever pushed him away like this. EVER! I mean, I will in the beginning of the night but that’s because I know I’ll get it later. But he’s my biggest weakness when it comes to men. We have the most insane sex. And I really wanted to have that sex right now but I couldn’t be an asshole to my friend. So I put on another shirt and he drove me to The Fairmont up on Wilshire Blvd. As he dropped me of in valet, he asked, “are you sure?” I laughed and said, “Yes, if you want to hook up later, I’m down.” I gave him one last kiss and exited the car.  

I walked into The Fig a little late but just in time to order with the rest of the ladies. Meanwhile, Ariel was blowing my phone up. But there was no way to check my text messages without being rude so I just ignored it. We ordered our dinner and cheers to our dear girlfriend Leigh. I looked across the table at all of my girlfriends and wondered how the FUCK are we all single? We are all near or already 40, make any easy six figures, all independent, athletic and none of us are superficial. Is this the problem? Are we too normal/independent for guys in LA? Do they want the girl who relies on them for everything? Do they want the girl who isn’t going to question them or talk back? 

After dinner, all of us ladies went our separate ways, I think because it was a Sunday, oh and the Golden Globes were on. I walked to valet to call an Uber. As I looked down at my screen, I see the latest text from Ariel, “want to come over?” I’m at least five drinks in and I should really say no, but fuck it I replied, “on my way.” I hopped in my Uber and then it hit me. Shit! I don’t have condoms and I know he doesn’t so I asked, “Did you buy condoms today?” I so felt like I was in high school or college again. He replied, “No, can you pick them up on the way?” I texted back “Got it!”

Since I view this “relationship” much different than any other one I’ve ever had or attempted to have, I’ve decided to approach it like I’ve never approached a relationship before and for once I am going to be a little bit demanding. I mean high maintenance chicks might be on to something so I figured, let’s give it a whirl. Ariel texted me again, he asked if I’d share a vegan pizza with him. Funny thing is, since I’ve been drinking all day and I had just left a shared plated dinner, I was still kind of hungry and a vegan pizza sounded amazing!  So I replied back, “Sounds great! Please be sure to have a glass of red wine and water waiting bedside for me.” Who am I? I’ve never made such a demand or request before. I’m usually the one in the relationship going above and beyond for the guy, arriving to their house with food and drinks. I’m starting to like this current situation. 

Bel Air Gates

The Uber pulled up to pedestrian gate. I texted him, “I’m here.” He responded, “I’ll buzz you in.” I exited the Uber and the gate opened up. I walked the same path that Ariel lead me the night before. As I walked past the pool, he walked out of a different part of the house with a pizza box in hand. “Hi,” he said with a big smile on his face. He’s so adorable. I said, “Hi Ariel.” He reached over to grab the brown paper bag from me, “Let me take those for you.”

We walked into his bedroom, the lights were not as dim as they were the night before. He was freaking out because he lost a big football bet, he kept saying, “I lost $50,000.” I tried to ignore it but he kept talking about it like he was trying to get some kind of reaction from me. So I said, if you had that much to lose then that’s on you. Then he said lost $500, trying to win $50k. I said, “then you really only lost $500. You can’t lose what you didn’t have.”  

Always, his bed was not made but the exact same bottle of wine from the night before (because I’m not a drunk – I didn’t finish the whole thing) as well as a glass of water were waiting for me on my night stand. He set the pizza box down, pulled the box of condoms out of the brown paper bag and put them in his draw and then excused himself.  When he returned, I was lying on the bed enjoying a glass of wine. I asked if we could watch the Golden Globes. We did. We chatted through the show about the actors, the films… He made it a point that we should catch up on all of the films before the Oscars. Oh, someone wants to make plans with me. Alright! We’ll see how long this arrangement lasts.

As the night went on, I noticed that I was starting to edit myself as we continued to get to know each other, so that I wouldn’t reveal my age, I mean why ruin a good thing with age. HA! I’m such a dick! And then a perfect opportunity presented itself, we talked about how Ryan Gosling won for Best Actor last year. He said, “oh his wife is super hot.” I responded, “Eva Mendes, she’s like seven or eight years older than him.” Ariel answered, “Ew that’s disgusting.” And now, I know how he feels about older women. So, I will need to just continue to carefully edit myself when I speak.

After the show ended, he did his thing, dimmed the lights and cued up the music, this time he put on music by Iio, removed ALL of his clothes, look at me and asked, “wanna give me a massage?” He thinks he’s so clever and so smooth. But he’s not, he’s not afraid to ask or tell a girl what he wants and that what is so funny to me and makes me attracted to him for some strange reason. Of course, the bottle of grape seed oil just happened to be on his nightstand, my brain starts to wonder and part of me wants to ask if this is normal protocol for all the girls he invites over. Then the logical part of my brain kicks in and says, you’re not crazy, so stop thinking about that, this is ‘just for fun’ so let go of all of those ideas in your head.

(Side note: See my ex bf was the worst! He was the kind of guy who years later, I found out was sleeping with anywhere between 2-5 other women at a time. Not sure how since he was with me 5 nights a week but somehow he did. And this was before dating apps. As you can imagine, I now think the worst of men. Plus working with mostly men, I hear the worst stories. I need to try to remember that not all men are going to be like my ex, and that I signed up to have fun with this kid, not anything more.)


As I began to massage Ariel, I was instantly getting turned on. Not sure if it’s the sexy sensual dance music he has playing, his company, the oil on his skin (he has the softest, clearest skin I’ve ever seen) or all of the above. I started massaging his shoulders per the beat of the music. Learning that I am an avid skier, he asked if I was going on any ski trips this year. I said, “Yeah a few of them.” He responded, “good, I’m going to buy skis and boots tomorrow and I’ll go with you on all of them .” Umm.. excuse me? Say what? I just roll with it, after all, a lot of guys say one thing and do another. 

My hands were tired from giving him a deep massage, so I stopped and then he started massaging my shoulders. Shortly thereafter, he asked me if I’d be down for a threesome. Shocked, confused and a little lost as to what is happening. I said maybe and then he feels the need to tell me about all three threesomes he’s had. Not sure if thought this would convince me to do it or what. I have no idea. Supposedly, they’ve always been with his best friend and they’d each take a turn and now he wants to have one with me and another girl. I said, “I’m not sure about that.” See, I’ve had threesomes before but I do NOT need to tell him that. Because I’ve made the mistakes of telling exes about it before and it always came back to haunt me. So for now, my lips are sealed!  

I flipped over and began to lightly stroke his chest hairs. Then I started kissing his chest, I gently bite his nipple. My hands and lips played with his skin, each moved the opposite way of each other. Eventually, I made my way down to his growing. I licked his left inner thigh, which I learned last night, is much more sensitive than his right thigh. Then I gently worked my way up to his man parts, I licked them ever so gently, barely touched them. He shivered. He moaned and I slowly did it again and again… “Oh, that’s it, that feels so good,” he moaned. I played around with his balls and inner thighs while I used one of my hands to lightly stroke the region just above his penis. His penis was moving back and forth, sometimes into my hand but I ignored it for the time being. I went back and forth between each ball, and paid close attention to his breathe and his moans. After he became extremely hard, I gently started to play with his penis. “No, will you just lick my balls some more,” he desperately demanded.  I ignored him. I put his penis into my mouth, while I cupped his balls with my hands. “Please, just keep licking my balls,” he asks again. I slowly work my way back down to his balls. He walked me through exactly what he wanted from this point on, and then eventually we were doing the horizontal mambo. I was so turned on – weird, I know but for some reason taking care of him totally turned me on. The song Rapture, it was so sensual and a much slower version than I’d ever heard. We moved to the slow beat of the song and within a few minutes, I had my first O. When the song changed so did his rhythm as he continued to fuck me. He flipped me onto my side, and I went again. Very few men have been able to make me have an orgasm, let alone multiples, so Ariel was doing well. 

When he finished, he greeted me with a big smile and asked, “Did you go?” I nodded my head yes and replied, “I told you while I was going.” He said with the biggest smile and so much confidence, “pretty good, yay?” I laughed and said, “yeah it was pretty good.” We cuddled, chatted and then I called an Uber around 2am. When the Uber arrived he was too tired to walk me out so I skipped across the property as fast as I could. Then I got to the gate, shit! How do I get out? I sent him a text. He didn’t respond so I contemplated on if I should scale the fence but then I noticed a security camera. Ugh! Of course they have security cameras. And just then, the gates opened. Thank you Ariel!

Now, I’ve gotta get to set. Laters,

A. Thea