Define the term “Dating”

All week Ariel has been emailing and texting me. He’s funny, if I don’t respond he sends another one, asking me to reply. I don’t think he understands that when I am working, I can’t check my emails or text messages. My Little Prince of Bel Air is trying to quickly buy ski equipment so he can go “on every ski tip with me” – his words not mine. Yikes, this is getting serious and it’s only our third hang out.

Bel Air Sign

Last night, I went back up to Bel Air to see my Prince, that what I want to call him now. I’ve never met anyone like him. He takes his time to do things, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and he’s always so proper.

A shirtless Ariel met me at the pedestrian gate. He was extremely amped up,  he walked me towards the stairs that led to his private entrance. Told me to go ahead up to his room and he’d be there as soon as he was done dealing with some “shit”. I walked up to his room as he disappeared through the courtyard and into another entrance of the mansion.

Left his door open for him, made myself comfortable on the bed and within seconds, a white fluffy little dog hopped up onto the bed next me. He was very curious. Sniffing me and demanding all sorts of attention, hmmm… wonder where he learned that. Ha! 

About ten minutes later, Ariel walked into the bedroom, he looked at the dog and said firmly, “Ah, Shaggy, what are you doing in here?” He picked him up and put him outside and closed the door. Then continued with, “He always comes in here whenever I have people over.” Ex-squeeze me, PEOPLE? Am I one of many people who comes over late night to hang out? Ugh, this kid really knows who to make a girl special. But I had to remember that I can’t get mad because this whole thing is just for fun. And then, just then, Ariel looked at me and asked, “do you need anything?” I said, “yes, I’ll take the usual please.” He disappeared again. 

Forty-five minutes later, he returned to his room. I was seriously annoyed because he was empty-handed. So he dismissed himself again to go get them. Ah, seriously, does he think I have nothing better to do than wait on him to be ready for a F-ing hang out?  I couldn’t stay at home. I debated on if I should just leave, but I realized how awkward it would be if I was to run into his mom or dad and I realized it’s late and other than sleep, what else am I really going to do tonight. And just then, my Prince charming arrived back to his room with a tray full of my drinks. Per the usual, he set the tray on my nightstand, put some music on and joined me on top of his bed. 


Gold Star of David Necklace

I turned onto my side, facing him. He laid upright, on his back, on top of the covers for the first time. We started chatting. He told me more about his start-up company, his ideas and how he was trying to make it happen. Then somehow, I found myself lying in his arms. I played with his chest hairs, circling my finger all throughout his chest. My fingers brush along his gold necklace. He turned his head to look at me. He grabbed his Star of David gold necklace and said, “you know I’m Jewish right?” I nod my head yes. I mean, hello, he’s had the necklace on every day. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I don’t really care what he is. I enjoy his company. It’s that simple. He continued to tell me a little bit about his family. He told me he was a Persian Jew, I don’t know too much about that but  I do know this, that what we have going on, is what it is. It will only ever be “a fun little fling” because I am not either Persian or Jewish. From what I’ve been told by my Persian girlfriends, they only date within their culture. Which, I am confused though as to why he’d let me come over to his house. Always, since I’m not looking to seriously date Ariel, this arrangement couldn’t be more perfect!

Netflix and Chill

Until he brought up the threesome talk again. Ugh! What is it with wanting a threesome? Don’t guys know that the girl always enjoys it more than the man or men, depending who’s all in it.

As we continued talking, he said, “It’s crazy, I know you better than I most girls after dating them for 6 months.” Which totally threw me off guard. How is that possible? Three hang outs verses dating for six months? Then I responded, “well we’re not dating.” He looked so confused by what I said so I continued with, “We’re just hanging out and fucking. You have to actually go out on dates to be dating.” Which is true, right? I mean, we haven’t left his house. So to me all we are doing is Netflixing and Chilling and that is NOT dating. Which is partially the problem with the “dating” scene today. Am I right or am I wrong? (Please let me know below.) 

Then suddenly I realized I was massaging his back, discussing which ski equipment he should buy of off Craigslist. Over the last two days, he had sent me a dozen or so emails with links to different sellers and their gear. I looked at each and responded to them with my opinion but apparently that wasn’t enough because he still wants to discuss it.

Side note: When he asked for my email address, I didn’t want him to get my age from my Gmail account so I gave him my production company email, which doesn’t even have my name on it, just in case he could somehow look up my age. HA! Which also made me realize that I need to change all of my social media pages, which I did, the moment he asked for my email. 

As we continued discussing skis and boots. I remember that I needed to edit myself for the first time in my life and it’s kind of nice because a few of the pairs of skis, were way old and from my ski racing days. But I couldn’t say that. So I had to think before I spoke about what I was going to say, so that I didn’t date myself. This is what I always had to do when we hung out. Especially when he had movies on the TV. He call movies from the late 90s, old film. And I’m like shit those aren’t old. Old films are like from the 70s. Ha!

I realized what I was in for was a challenge and I accepted this fun one. And I firmly believe that we go through everything for a reason, so I believe that for some reason, this is prepping me for the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be. 

Back to the boots, I told him to buy new boots because he should really let the boots mold to his feet. He didn’t want to spend the money, which I get skiing is a very expensive sport. Which is interesting, I’ve never known anyone to go onto to Craigslist to buy a pair of skis or boots so I addressed my concerns when buying used equipment, he took a mental note and said he’d ask the sellers about my concerns in the morning. And then I started to get excited! Ariel is buying equipment to go skiing with me! Super exciting! 

 With that said, I started working my way down to his growing. My fingers and my tongue followed his instructions. I delicately licked and kissed my way around his left inner thigh, moving even slower when I’d reach his most sensitive spot. His legs would grow stiff as he’d moan. I worked my way over to the other side while using my fingers to gently tickle his penis, which shifts directions and moves on it’s own when I remove my hands from it, I’ve never known this before, I guess I’ve never really paid attention.

I continued to pleasure Ariel for the next twenty minutes, do whatever he asked me to do. Then I leaned over him, grabbed one of the condoms I brought over last time out of his drawer and handed it to him. I was ready to go. Until he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Super annoying, right? 

Part of me wanted to leave, I was so over oral sex, I just wanted some D. UGH! So frustrating. But I didn’t.

Ten minutes later, he came out of the bathroom smelling of weed, which he usually smelled like when he’d come out of the bathroom. He’d claim he needed to smoke for his inflammation. Whatever that means.

Fucking me from the side

He hopped back into bed, I removed all of my clothes and assumed the position between his legs. Fifteen minutes later, I was laying on my right side as he fucked me from behind. For some reason, this angle works best with us. He hit that sweet spot and within minutes I had my first O. Then he crawled on top of me and got into missionary position. And right away I had another one and seconds later, he came.

He stayed inside me as he asked if I went. I told him yes, which I think he heard me and knew but he just needed to hear it again. He pulled out, ripped the condom off, tossed it somewhere and curled up next to me. It was nice, and different from with Jared. Perhaps because it was new. I laid there and enjoyed the moment for a little bit before I turned to him and said, “I need to leave.” I tried to escape his bed but he kept pulling me back and started asking me questions, trying to engage in conversation so I wouldn’t leave. And then he said, “I need to see you every day.” Waaa, What? EVERYDAY? That is not a casual hook up. I laughed it off and then crawled out of his bed, got dressed and kissed him on his forehead. “Are you going to walk me out,” I asked. “No, I’m too tired, you can find your way,” he responded. Man this dude is not letting me catch a break. I mean what if for some strange reason I run into his brother on my way out. I begged him to walk me to the gate but he was NOT getting out of his bed. I gave him one last kiss on lips, he kind of kissed back, and walked out of his room.  I walked tthrough the property, to the side pedestrian gate as quickly and quietly as I could. As I near the pool, a motion sensor light came on and I hauled ass to that gate. I opened it, (he told me where the button was) and walked out. I had to hold the door though as it closed so that it wouldn’t slam. It was about to latch and for some reason it wouldn’t lock. Oh, man.. I can’t just leave it open, what if Shaggy gets out and ends up getting hit by a car because of one of Ariel’s girls left the gate open. That couldn’t happen so I sent him a text. His response, “it’s fine, just leave.” Okay. 

Did I hurt Ariel’s feelings when I laughed about him seeing me every day? Is that why he didn’t walk me or said “it’s fine, just leave?” I mean, yes I’d love to hang out every day but that’s not realistic, I work 12-14 hours a day. I go to his house after work and when I go to his house I end up only getting a few hours of sleep so that’s so not possible. Regardless, I know at some point we need to check in with each other to make sure we are both on the same page. I also know that I do need to reveal my age soon. But what if when I reveal it, this all goes away? I really like him. He’s lives in his masculine, or so he tries to and since I have a hard time living in my feminine, I am going to take every opportunity I can from this relationship to learn as much as I can about myself. Right, isn’t that the point of relationships, you learn and grow either together or apart?

At what point do you think it’s important that I tell him my age?

A. Thea

3 thoughts on “Define the term “Dating”

  1. I have no idea how old either of you are, but based on what I’ve read, I assume you’re older. I was always attracted to older women, and suspect Im not alone, so it may not be a big deal. If it’s just hooking up, and you’re both getting what You want, I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it. If it becomes more serious, then you should likely tell him the truth. Hell, hearing that may make him want you even more. 😃