How long do you hook up with someone before you have the talk?

Ariel is back from his Vegas business trip and he insisted upon seeing me last night. Which is good, because I wanted to see him too! So after work, I drove over to his house. It’s kind of funny that I go to his house in set/work clothes. I don’t look cute at all after working 12+ hours a day on set. But because this is just a hook up thing because of our age difference I don’t really care. I’ve put zero effort into how I look each and every time I’ve gone to his fancy house. The only time he’s seen me in make up or little kind of cute was the first night we met back in November at an Irish bar.


I did the usual – parked my car, sent him a text that I was at the gate, he opened the gate and escorted me up to his bedroom. When we arrived to his bedroom, there was a ball of sheets laying on top of his mattress. He walked over to the bed, grabbed the bottom sheet and asked, “can you help me make the bed?” I set my purse down, took off my jacket and replied, “don’t you have maids for this.” HA! I’m such a dick and only because this isn’t a real relationship so I am bit more sassy, actually way more sassy than normal.

As he wrapped the fitted sheet over a bed corner, he said, “why would I have a maid do what I can do myself?” Good point Little Prince. And this is why I keep coming back. He makes me laugh through his valid points aka come back lines. We all know the truth though, I am sure the maids left before he realized his sheets needed to be clean.

I helped him make the bed, which is definitely something I’ve never done before with any man, not even my ex-husband – he made the bed because he said I didn’t do it good enough, nothing was ever good enough for that jackass. Anyways, after Ariel and I finished, I removed my shoes and jumped up on top of the bed while he left to go do whatever it is that he does when he leaves me in his bedroom.


Serving water

I hate waiting, absolutely hate it! I don’t know why I do it for him. I have zero patience and want nothing more than to leave when he makes me wait like this and every time I think about leaving. But then I thought, shit what if I get busted by his parents or siblings if I try to escape. And while that was running through my mind, Ariel returned with a tray in hand. Carrying waters for both of us on it. He set it down on my night stand. Walked over to his side of the bed, stripped down to his underwear and hopped up onto the bed.

We started chatting. He seemed more eager than ever to get to know me a little more. Not sure if it’s because I told him via text about Jared and William being in town and that they were DTF, or if he was just curious to actually get to know me more. I know you’re probably wondering why would you tell Ariel about the other guys? I am very open and honest with men. Ariel and I are just having fun, so I feel like he has a right to know. If I thought we were going to be a thing, then I probably wouldn’t tell him. But Jared and William both knew about Ariel, I always tell them about guys that’s I’m dating/banging or doing whatever with because they always ask, “are you dating anyone.” I am an open book, as you know, hence the blog. Also, I think I was secretly hoping that if I told the Little Prince of Bel Air that there were other dudes interested than maybe he’d step it up in the foreplay department. But of course, that whole plan kind of back fired on me. 

We got to talking about him and girls. I don’t know how or why, I think he brought it up. He informed me that in college he was with hundreds of girls, three to four a week and he’d steal all sorts of girls from the frat guys. Apparently, they hated him. I’m sure that’s also because he drove a $150k car around campus.

And then he dropped a BIG ball on me – he informed me that he’s been with prostitutes before! He’s paid for sex!!! Which if you remember, I asked him about this before he went to Vegas and he told me, “I’ve never paid for sex!” Now, normally I would have freaked out on the guy but this makes total sense as to why he is the way that he is. I realized also, it’s not best to ask these types of questions but now since the cat was out of the bag, I had to confront him. I said, “you told me you never paid for sex.”  He replied, “I didn’t, my uncle did!” WHAT?!! His uncle took him and his cousins to get laid! Is this a normal activity that guys do with their uncles while the girls are shopping or getting mani/pedis?

I was so shocked, yet so intrigued by this family outing. And now, his sexual activity or lack of sexual activity makes so much more sense as to why no kissing, why he doesn’t touch me or maybe even know how too. He literally only knows how to receive and then once he’s as hard as he wants to be, he drills into me like a jack rabbit.

He continues telling me stories, I didn’t ask, he just kept talking about European chicks, German girls specifically. Apparently they loved him because he was Israeli. He then told me that they are so clean over there. Not sure about the hookers but apparently is true. However, no matter what the statistics say, I don’t agree with his idea of it being okay to get a hooker every time he goes to Germany, which apparently is at least once a year.

Part of me thinks that he was making all of this shit up, or at least half of it. I just don’t get it. I mean, I get it if he invites girls to his (parents) house, they probably see what he could potential offer and they literally drop to their knees but doesn’t that get old after a while? Do you want substance at some point? I don’t know, I think us girls need to ban together and stop giving it up so easily. We are letting guys get away with so much. I mean, I get it, we all want to be able to have our cake and eat it too. Having random sex with who ever when ever you want, but we are ruining men by letting them have us whenever they want us at no cost. And playing hard to get, doesn’t do shit. They know you’re gonna give in. And then by the time you’re my age, you’ll be in the same boat I am – SINGLE as FUCK!

I know I am kind of being a hypocrite but we need to stop giving in to so many one night stands because we are ruining the chances and showing men they don’t have to work for it. Although, maybe this is the new normal – oh, my heart just sank! I hope to gosh that is NOT true!

Ugh! Anyways, after all he revealed his sex life to me, he tried to find out about my sex life. Now let me tell you this – if there’s anything I’ve learned from my past, it’s that you DO NOT give out this information type of information to any guy you’re romantically involved with. NEVER, EVER, EVER! Because trust me, it will come back to haunt you. Even if it’s with your future husband and you think it will bring you closer, it won’t! Somewhere down the line he will use it against you. Trust me, he won’t be able to handle it in the long run. So, I opted out of telling him anything and just giggled and smiled and said, we should watch a movie now.


i.e. When my ex-husband and I first started dating, he asked me if I had ever been in a threesome. I said yes, he asked with who and I told him. Then he use that against me our entire marriage because he knew the guys. Which was so dumb on my part. Those little details of who and when – aren’t important. So it’s best just to tip toe around the question. 


Ariel got the hint and he started browsing the menu on the TV, looking for a film to watch. He’s so funny because he’s so young, he always looks at movies and says, oh I love that one, it’s so old. And he’s usually referring to films that came out when I was in college. Where as when I say, wow that’s an old movie, it’s usually a movie from the here’s looking at you kid era.

After discussing about ten different films, we finally settled on one and within ten minutes into watching it, he flipped onto his stomach and asked, “can you massage my back”. Oh Ariel, my little Prince, I don’t know why he’s asks, it’s not like I have an option. So I grabbed the bottle of Grape Seed Oil that was on his nightstand and began massage his back. As you all know from reading my blog, Ariel is very vocal about what he wants,when he wants it and how he wants it – so of course, as I massaged him, he was very vocal about telling me where he needed to be massage and how hard. He’d even add in “oh, that’s good, do that again but harder.” He was so demanding last night. He even said, “you don’t know what you’re dong” and then I simply stop massaging him and said, “then hired a professional.” Then some how, I found myself massaging him again.

As I continued to work his back, he asked me what I was doing over the weekend. Which, we’ve never made plans that far ahead before. So this was interesting.

I revealed that I was taking a ski trip up to Mammoth with a group of guys. His head perked up and he said, “guys?” I replied, “yes, three guys and one wife.” He then asked if he could come along. And at first, I was down with the idea of him joining us, but really it wasn’t my place to invite him so I told him I’d check to see if there was room for him.

However, since that conversation, I’ve realized that him joining me on this trip is a horrible idea. You see, I have zero patience when I am on the mountain because it’s my happy place. I bomb the mountain really fast and super hard all day long. I’m the nerd who always tries to get first lift up. I have no idea if Ariel can keep up with me, he claims he’s good but everyone in LA claims that they’re good, then when we get on the mountain and I’ve paid well over $100 a day they can’t keep up. I end up standing and waiting around. It’s annoying. If they paid for my ticket, maybe I wouldn’t be as annoyed. But I’ve also realized that I haven’t revealed my age to Ariel yet. If he comes with us then he’ll figure it out because most of my friends who are going are older and I am sure they will talk about it. They always do. So I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to join us.


Back to last night…

I proceeded to do my thang with him. I asked him to flipped onto his back. He did and I began kissing his chest. Slowly working my lips down his torso, eventually making my way towards his groining. I know this sounds crazy, and I’ve been trying really hard to get him to give me something in return but for some reason I’ve actually really enjoy pleasing him. I don’t know if that’s because I love Fifty Shades of Grey and how messed up Christian Grey is or if it’s because I love complicated men and clearly Ariel has issues or if it’s because for the first time in my life, I’m afraid or scared at how it’s going to go because we are just having fun, or at least I am – so there’s no pressure. Who makes oral sex more pleasurable and it gives me a really nice feeling of satisfaction. WOW! I can’t believe I just typed that. What’s happening with me?

But seriously, I’ve never really enjoyed giving oral, ever! I mean, I do with Jared but not for more than like a few minutes. Where as Ariel has me down working my magic around his man parts for well over twenty minutes at a time. He enjoys every minute of it. It’s actually kind of amazing to pop my head up and look at him – he always so relaxed. I don’t know if it’s because he always takes a huge as bong hit in his bathroom before hand or what. Every other guy I’ve ever been with is like a kid in the candy shop when I’ve down between their legs.

As I worked my lips around Ariel’s left inner thigh and testicle, he would lost his breath. It was so rewarding. I started to move my tongue slower and lighter, barely touching his skin as I lightly worked my fingers up and down his shaft. He shivered and moaned like never before and then I realized, he tasted different. He was extremely salty. I popped my head up and said, “you taste funny.” His eyes grew larger than I’ve ever seen before. SUPER EMBARRASSED! He jumped up and ran into the bathroom.

A few minutes later he returned. I asked, “why do you taste different?” (Yes, the idea of  him hooking up with another girl and not showering before I came over was running through my head, especially since we had to put new bed sheets on his bed.) But thankfully his response was, “I forgot to shower after the gym.” Ahhh… EW!! But thank you! And thank you for running to the bathroom to clean yourself up!


I continued pleasing him with my lips and my tongue until he was happy. Then he slowly put a condom on as I removed my clothes. As I laid down on my back. He looked over at me. I smiled and then he climbed on top of me. He leaned in and for a split second I thought, oh, we’re finally going to kiss – YAY!!! But, we didn’t! Instead he inserted himself into me. He was working his hips a little slower, a bit more sensual than normal.

My Little Prince was trying to please me, it was nice. He asked if I liked it, and if it was working for me. It was nice. He actually listened and paid attention to me. And within a few minutes, I reached my first O. He smiled. I so wanted a kiss right then but I didn’t want to get rejected so I instead, I smiled back at him. Then he flipped me over onto all fours and he went to town.

After he came, he pulled out, removed the condom, toss it onto the floor and then crashed down into me. He rolled onto his back, reached his arms around me and pulled me into him. “I can’t wait to go skiing with you this weekend,” he said.

Definition of Joon

Oh my little Joon, I hope we are still on the same page as to what this relationship is. I think it’s still too early for “the talk” but at what point do I need to tell him my age? I mean, he wants to travel with me. I hate this point in a relationship. This is where I get afraid of that C word and usually run away or try to purposely sabotage the situation. Ah, good ole commitment, why do I fear you so much?

A. Thea