Letting him in and then leaving.

Well, last night I finally let Ariel come over to my place, I’m finally letting him into my life. Figured we’ve hung out enough for me to realize he’s not a crazy person so he can know where I live. Ha! Yes, I seem to attract the crazy ones so I have a new rule, which is no one can come over unless I know them of a little while.

He arrived two hours after he said he would. Persian time, I guess. But I was busy packing for my weekend ski trip so it actually worked out for the best. He’s funny, he’s always so … I don’t know how to describe it, he always looks around and takes in things that I don’t even notice. He’s really good with eye contact and always makes me laugh.

So when he arrived, he took two steps in, looked around at my boring one bedroom apartment, looked at me and said, “this is nice.” It’s so not nice, it kind of looks like a college kid leaves in my place. I have a few nice pieces of furniture but I think he thought it was nice because we weren’t at his place.

He took a little walk over to my dining room windows, looked out at the street and then joined me on the couch. He’s been obsessed with documentaries lately, mostly vegan themed ones. He was also super excited that I have Netflix because he doesn’t. Odd right? Who gets excited about something like that? Ariel does, and for that. I like him a little more.

After scrolling through some docs, we decided to watch one that he’s been wanting to watch for a little while and we chatted the whole way through the film. Again, I usually get annoyed with people who do this but for some reason, I enjoy his conversation during the film. Maybe because it’s a documentary though and his input is different, it’s intellectual – he’s genuinely trying to learn about what is good for the our well being and planet Earth. It’s so refreshing because you don’t really meet people who actually think about the consequences of their actions.

I’ve learned that he’s recently become a Vegan, which is amazing because he doesn’t fit that old school label of a typical Vegan. Which is awesome because I feel like the world is finally starting to wake up. I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for sixteen years, omg – more than half of his life – hahaha! And to find a guy who’s open to my dietary restrictions is very difficult, even in LA! Anyways, we watched the film and then hopped into my bed – for the first time – he looked around my bedroom, shook his head yes with a slight grin and stripped down. Ha! I don’t know how and why I find him so charming and I’m totally intrigued by him.

I joined him in bed, set my alarm for 3:30am, which was in a little over three hours and laid on my side to go to sleep when Ariel said, “do you want to give me a massage?” HA! OMG! Him and his massages! I said, “no not really I have to be up in a few hours.” But of course, I gave in. I knew that I’d actually get to sleep faster if I just gave in because otherwise he’d keep asking and asking until I gave in. So I hopped up, walked into my bathroom and grabbed Grape Seed Oil and returned back to the bedroom.

He asked what I grabbed, because he always thinks he knows more than I do, but he doesn’t because I have nine years on him. I held the exact same bottle of Grape Seed Oil up and he asked, “you have that too?” Oh, Ariel-Joon, you’re not the only one who uses Grape Seed Oil. I lubed up my hands and began massaging his back. Which is when he inquired about my ski trip. He asked again who was going, how long I’d be there and where we were staying. Ahhh… he’s so curious – it’s kind of cute.


Curious as to why we use Grape Seed Oil for massages:

Here’s a great blog that explains the benefits.


After massaging his back for about ten minutes, he flipped over and we did our thing. And as I was down between his legs, I realized that his bed is so much easier to do this in. I don’t understand why that is because I have a $3,000 bed. So why is giving oral so uncomfortable?

Anyways, you know the drill of what I do, I did it, I did all of it but it wasn’t magical as that night he played a really nice sensual play list, the one that included Rapture by Nadia Ali. For some reason, since that night I haven’t been able to recreate that exact flow with my movement. I wondered if he felt the same way. It’s crazy how much the right beat can change or control your pace, if you allow it too. And the funny thing is that I didn’t really even in think in the moment, I just did it.

After being down south for about twenty minutes or so, I popped my head up, reached over to the night stand on his side of the bed and pulled out a condom. He slowly put it on. I laid on my side. His hands wrapped around my waist and he moved in close to me. I could feel him from behind, I reached my hand around and guided him into me. Ahhh… he felt so right and perfect.

Ariel is by know means the biggest guy I’ve ever had, he’s average. But I’m realizing that he’s making me appreciate what we do and what he can give me, does that sound weird? I now he doesn’t give me what Jared or William do in bed but he makes me feel needed in wanted in other ways, maybe it’s intellectually or maybe it is the whole submissive/dominate ┬ákind of a thing.

He came right away. I did not. He ripped off the condom, tossed it on my nightstand and snuggled up to me.

Then at 3:30am, I woke up. Got dressed, fed my cat, made some tea and then I woke Ariel up. He was so not happy with me. He begged for me to let him stay, “leave the keys I’ll lock up,” he muttered. HA! Is he nuts? I’m not going to leave him in my apartment with my keys for the weekend. I don’t know him that well. As he sat up and got out of bed, I totally felt like a mom waking up her teenage son. Bizarre, I know but for the first time, he acted like a child.

Still half asleep, he helped me carry my ski bags down to the car, we loaded them up and then he walked over to his fancy white Mercedes Benz. He got into his car as I got into my not so fancy car. He drove off. A little part of me was sad to see him go. I wished I could have stayed in bed with him or that he was coming with me. But again, I need to keep my eye on the prize and spend this time in Mammoth finding a guy my own age and one who’s family will accept me. Right?

On my way to Mammoth

So that is what I am going to do. And we are about five mile out from Mammoth right now. I am super tired but I am very excited to ski and hopefully meet a fellow skier.

A. Thea