A weekend getaway to think about things.

Last night, I got back from a weekend getaway in Mammoth with some old and some new friends. It was nice. It was exactly what I needed after working so much on a new show for Bravo and to get away from LA for a weekend to think about things with Ariel before he and I escape for our own little trip to Mammoth.

Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain


I skied my heart out this weekend, sometimes sober, sometimes on edibles – it was a blast! And we definitely partied our asses off. A few times I thought I met a guy or two that I was interested in after I began to engage in conversation with them, Ariel popped into my head. And we had messaging a little bit over the weekend. I’d sent him a few pics of the weekend, why do us girls do that? Ha! I literally felt like I was sixteen years old all weekend long. But that might have been because Mammoth was full of high school kids – apparently all of San Diego had a three-day weekend and they all migrated up to the mountains.

June Lake Brewery

Even after a long day of drinking, we accidentally crashed a high school party after leaving the bar early (12:00am-ish) because a drunk guy literally grabbed our pitcher of beer and threw up in it. It was so gross! As we walked home we saw disco lights in an A-frame house, two doors down from us, and followed some people up to the house. We walked in and all of these kids literally starting freaking out. Saying, “Omg!┬áThere’s adults here!” I honestly thought these kids were college kids but after they gave us each a beer and asked us to do a bong hit we realized they were seniors in high school and then we peaced out before we got arrested.

We went home and I had really wished that Ariel was in my bed waiting for me but I had to settle with texting him. Asking him if he found a hotel for us yet. We’d agreed that he’d pay for gas and the place to stay and if I drove. But he kept checking in with me to see if the places he was finding were okay. And let’s be real, they were kind of okay but they were definitely on the lower end of anything that’s in Mammoth. I’d mentioned it to one of the guys I was with and he was all, “wow, you’ve really got yourself a Casanova.” Which I guess some people might think that’s he’s being cheap but condos in mountains towns is expensive and I was just impressed that he was doing all the research and actually looking into booking a place for us. Every guy I’ve ever dated in LA has made me do all of the leg work. Perhaps, that’s why I’m single.

June Lakes Brewery

June Lakes Brewery

I had a blast and at the end of the trip, I realized that I was really glad that I took this weekend getaway because I needed to scope things out for my trip with Ariel. My friends introduced June Mountain and the local brewery there – which I knew Ariel would love! So I made a mental itinerary for our trip. And actually told him not to book a place because where I ended up staying over the weekend was a big four bedroom house and my new friends said that we could stay there for $80 a night. So I texted Ariel that I booked a place for us and requested that he get some edibles for us to ski with. He was funny, he’s all “what’s the budget for the edibles?” I replied, “I don’t know what ever you’re willing to pay.” Hahaha! I mean, I just saved him money by booking a cheaper place so hook a girl up! Right? Or am I being a little high maintenance? I don’t think so.

Alright, I need to go because he’s on his way over here so we can head out at 4:30am to be on the mountain by 10am.


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