Our first trip is going so well, I just hope that he doesn’t bring up the age question again.

Ahhh.. it’s been a really long, super fun day! Ariel and I have really learned a lot about each other and now he’s curious as to how old I am?! YIKES!

Last night, Ariel came over super late – so we didn’t get much sleep. Every time he comes over, he’s always at least an hour or two late and last night he didn’t arrive to my place until almost 10pm. Which wouldn’t been fine if we’d gone to bed but when he arrived, he wanted to watch a vegan documentary, and then of course after that he insisted upon me giving him a massage. Then of course, we did our thing, or I should say, I didn’t my thing to him, and then we do our thing.

After getting a little over three hours of sleep, we woke up and hit the road for Mammoth at 4:30am. As I drove, Ariel being who he is, thought he could get away with taking a nap on the four and half hour drive, oh My Little Prince of Bel Air was beyond shocked when I told him that, that was NOT going to happen! I told him it wasn’t fair because if he didn’t arrive late or didn’t make us watch a movie, then we would’ve gotten more sleep so I insisted that he stay awake with me.

As we drove through the mojave dessert, we watched a beautiful sunrise. This is always my favorite part of the drive when I leave in the morning. The sunrise was beautiful. I don’t think Ariel had ever seen anything like it because he seemed kind of blown away by it. I’d assume that his family flied every where and that they probably don’t take the moment to stop and enjoy these little things, I might be extremely judgemental here but I’m sure they wouldn’t be caught dead in a 4-5 hour car ride.

We chatted the whole drive. Literally talking about everything and anything. I drank coffee and water, while he drank water and ate some purple potato chips that are made in coconut oil. He kept trying to feed them to me but I was’t really into the idea of eating chips for breakfast. He finished eating a fair shares of chips and then randomly asked me the most bizarre question. “Do you think it’s okay for a guy to hook up with someone else at his bachelor party?” he asked. So random, right? And where did this come from?

I told him I didn’t think it was fair for a groom to do such a thing to his bride. He went on to explain, “it’s just a release for a guy, it doesn’t mean anything.” I was all, “it can be just a release for a girl too but once you’ve already asked to marry her, you can no longer cheat on her.” Then I said, “then you’ll have to let her cheat too.” He did not like that. Apparently he doesn’t think double standard should exist. After bickering about this for a little bit too long, I changed the subject.

I mentioned to him, that I had arranged for us to meet up Jess, with an old college friend of mine, who was up in the Mammoth area, skiing with her family. I normally wouldn’t do this but I haven’t seen Jess since college. I did however, warn Jess that Ariel was much younger than us and asked her not reveal our age or talk about exactly how many years it’s been since we’ve seen each other. Too funny but I didn’t want the let the cat out of the bag like that so, I needed to do what I needed to do. I just can’t believe that I am going to this extent.

About an hour out, Ariel looked up the price of lift tickets. I don’t think he believed me when I said it was around $150 per ticket per day to go skiing. So he did something that I totally didn’t expect, he asked what pass I have. I told him, “the Mountain Collective.” And he went online and bought it for a little over $500 – he literally shocked me the whole day by doing unexpected things. But like he said, he planned on going on every ski trip with me so I guess he wasn’t lying when he said that. Oh boy! All I could think was – he better not suck!

June Mountain

We pulled into an empty parking lot at June Mountain. Which was perfect and meant that we’d have the mountain to ourselves. I picked June over Mammoth because it’s small locals mountain and the best place for Ariel to refresh his memory of how to ski. Also, this is where Jess is skiing. I parked stepped just outside of the vehicle, looked over to Ariel and said, “let’s change.” He looked so shocked! I must scare the shit out of him at least a few times a day! As I dropped my pants, he dropped his jaw. HA! Sorry Ariel but this is how it is on the mountain – everyone just changes where it’s convenient rather than wasting time to find a bathroom/changing room. He looked around the completely empty parking lot, closed his jaw and followed suit.

I was all dressed and ready to go. I sat in the drivers seat, put my contacts in and then started applying mascara when Ariel looked over at me. He asked, “what are you doing?” I replied, “applying mascara.” He asked, “Why?” With a smirk, I replied, “because we’ve been up since 4am and there’s a ton of dudes on the mountain.” He answered back with, “But I don’t like make-up.” I smiled and continued applying my mascara. Oh Ariel, you’re controlling Persian Israeli-ness isn’t going to work on my all the time.

After hitting the ticket office, we walked out onto the snow. Ariel was so adorable! As he walked out onto the snow, he seemed super excited and happy. I hadn’t seen him like this just yet. Although, I hadn’t really ever seen him in daylight so perhaps when we’ve been laying in his bedroom in the dark he is this happy, I just can’t see it! But he was so cute – he was wearing his old ski clothes from when he was a teenager. I could totally picture the young man that he was back, oh I can’t say back in the day, because it was like literally 12-14 years ago. But it’s pretty clear he’s grown a little because his pants were a little snug in the crotch area. Oh, he was still wearing the BIGGEST smile as we got on the chair lift. It was so refreshing and I was beyond excited that we decided to take this trip.

As we rode up our first lift, I asked him for the edibles. Which might not have been the best idea since he hadn’t skied in ten plus years but I figured what the heck. He smokes enough weed to be able to handle it. He busted out one sublingual piece, bit it in half – he took one and I took the other. He explained what the edible was and what it was suppose to do. He said he bought it from the owner of a weed shop in West Hollywood. Apparently the owner is a hard core snowboarder and wanted to create something fun to ride on. He explained that the guy wanted to create something that was like weed meets ecstasy and let me tell you, he definitely succeeded! We were high as a kite! Happy as a calm! And laughing our asses off all day on the mountain.

June Mountain

After a beautiful few runs, to make sure his new ski equipment worked – which it did! He loved his set up! We met Jess, her husband and parents for some food and beer on the patio of the mid mountain lodge. Ariel and I each ordered a baked potato, water and I got a beer. Because again, he wasn’t drinking. I’m not sure if he’s just not a big drinker or what the deal is and I don’t want to be rude and ask, so I just went with it. However, he did have a few sips of mine.

I caught up with Jess, we reminsced a little bit. Told her husband and Ariel about our fun college days. Then headed out to take a few runs without Jess’s parents. It was really nice and pretty fitting because as Jess and I bombed the mountain, Ariel and Jess’s husband, trailed us. We joked that they were the perfect couple. Ha! After about four runs, they called it a day and Ariel and I continued to enjoy the sunny day on the mountain – I mean the day was perfect! It was warm, sunny, amazing snow and no one on the mountain. It was almost like I arrange for a private date or something. Hahaha!

I was so impressed with Ariel’s skiing. He was much better than I had anticipated. Clearly, his parents put his through ski school through out his childhood – which was good because he actually had form and when I’d give him little pointers, he understood what I was saying. But like all good things, our day first day on the mountain had to end. So we took our time skiing down, dodging in and out of trees and oh, man… I really didn’t want into end.

June Lake Brewery

We were hungry and I was dying for a beer so we kicked it over to June Lake Brewery, a little place I discovered over the weekend and that I knew Ariel would love. He’s a huge fan of breweries and I thought he’d like the cute little food truck out front of the brewery. Which he totally did! He ordered us the only thai vegan noodle dish they had, while I ordered us some beers. Yes, that’s right, I ordered us some beers – he was FINALLY drinking with me!  Yeah!!

Vegan Thai Noodle Dish
June Lake Brewery

The beers and the noodles were perfect! Totally hit the spot and helped keep that buzz going!

With about an hour left of daylight, we rolled into Mammoth. I was sans sunglasses and laughing when Ariel asked, “so exactly how old are you?” Oh, shit! Really? He’s asking this now? Ugh! Not wanting to freak him out or reveal my age, I laughed and replied, “does it really matter?” He said, “no it doesn’t. But you’re friends seem much older than you and it doesn’t make sense if you went to college together.” I replied, “No. Her husband is older than us by like ten years, so maybe she appears older too.” He said, “Oh, that’s true. But you guys talked about college like it was a long time ago.” I said, “it was. As was college for you.” Thankfully he bought that.

Then we stopped at a stop light. I looked over at him. I smiled at him as he looked into my eyes. He smiled and then said, “you’re eyes are kind of hazel.” I said, “yes, they are.” He replied, “I never noticed that before.” I laughed and said, “that’s because you’ve never seen me in daylight before.” He was all, “no I have.” And I was all, “no Ariel, we’ve only seen each other at night time.”

Ah, we finally arrived to the house. Ariel and I unpacked. He rolled a joint and made some tea for us. I cracked open a beer and made a fire. I kind of felt bad for him because while I was really enjoying the high from the edible that we shared, he was starting to feel like shit. He had the worst head ache. Poor guy. I guess, he should’ve done what I did and not indugled in the whole half that he took. See, I don’t do a lot of edibles, so I only sucked on the candy for a like a run or two and then I put it back in the wrapper to save for later. And I was feeling really great! Laughing nonstop. But that’s also because Ariel makes me laugh so hard.  I don’t think anyone’s ever made me literally laugh out loud all day long. He’s such a character!

To try to get rid of his headache, Ariel decided to take a shower to feel better and I decided it was a good idea to join him. HA!

He was enjoying his nice peaceful shower when I ripped open the shower curtain. His eyes popped open and he looked so confused/embarrassed. He was all, “what are you doing?” Hahaha! Oh, Ariel! He had no idea that I was about ready to rock his world. I hopped in the shower, lathered up my hands with soap and began to wash his back, as I worked my hands down his back, I gave him a little reach around. Moved my soapy hands down to his groin and began “cleaning” him. He was so uncomfortable and I was dying laughing. In some aspects, actually most things, he’s a like a an old man set in his ways but when it comes to sex, I guess he’s set in his ways but it’s also like he’s still so new to life and still figuring it out. It’s really kind of endearing and he had no idea what I was about to do.

I turned Ariel around, as the shower water washed down onto him, I made sure all of the soap was off of him. Then I dropped down to my knees with the water falling down onto my head, I began to work my magic on his inner thighs, slowly worked my way up to his balls with my tongue while stroking his shaft with my hand. His muscles tensed up like never before. And he was vocal, but only in a “Omg that feels good” way. He grew hard much faster than I’d ever seen.

I stood up, turned around, bent over and he inserted himself into me. My hands pressed up against the shower wall while the water trickles over by back side. He pushed into me. He was the hardest he’d ever been. I lifted one leg up, resting my foot on the ledge of the bathtub. He liked that. He moved in closer, deep into me and he went to town. I moaned and screamed louder than he’s ever heard me. He was so deep. Sometimes it was a little too intense but since he was enjoying it, I just took it. I could tell he had never experienced this type of sex before. And that was a little endearing in a kind of fucked up way, I guess. But within ten minutes, as I was trying to work on an angel for me to climax, he said, “I’m coming!” I said, “no, I want to go.” But then he pulled out and went on my back.

Ariel, why must you be so selfish? Ah! So frustrating because I do NOT want to have to go back downtown for twenty plus minutes! I turned around to him, his eyes bigger than I’ve ever seen them. He smiled and said, “that was amazing!” I smiled and kissed him on lips. He kissed back. AH! Holy crap! I finally got a kiss! Granted it was just a peck but I’ll take it! I’m moving out of the Pretty Woman phase or so I hope!

As he stood under the shower head, he said, “that was crazy. That might be the best sex I’ve ever had, that definitely made the top three list.” I questioned him, “the top three?” He said, “yeah!” I replied, “ha, that was the best you’ve ever had babe.” Then I laughed. He smirked and answered, “that was like some porn star shit.” I laughed even harder as I washed myself off. Then he asked me, “that was like top five for you right?” I couldn’t stop giggling, I shook and said, “it was good.” Because in all honestly, yeah it was good, I’ve never dropped down on my knees for a guy in the shower – that as a first and it was fun but I didn’t have an O. To me this was lead up sex, or to be continued sex. So I said, “I didn’t go.” He replied, “You didn’t?” I said, “no, I want round two in a few minutes.” He took a deep breath as he exited the shower.

By the time I got out of the shower and joinedHe was enjoying his nice peaceful shower when I ripped open the shower curtain. His eyes popped open and he looked so confused/embarrassed. He was all, “what are you doing?” Hahaha! Oh, Ariel! He had no idea that I was about ready to rock his world. Ariel on the couch. He was passed out. Like out for the count type of passed out, which is why I am able to write this right now.


I am so happy and thankful that Ariel and I could come up to Mammoth on our own little trip. Today, has honestly been the perfect day, minus my lack of O. As I sit here watching him sleep, my heart kind of breaks a little bit. I know we need to have the age talk for real, I can’t keep joking about it or blowing it off. He deserves to know before either of us start to develop deeper feelings.  I’m just scared because once he finds out, whatever this is, it will be over, and I’m starting to maybe want a little more. Ahh… what am I talking about! He’s so young! He’s only 30! I’m getting ready to turn 40 and his mom just turned 50. Oye vie!

I need to wake him up and put him into bed.


A. Thea