Testing my patience.

So far this trip has been all about testing my patience. I don’t know if Ariel is doing it on purpose but for the sake of this trip and any future trips with us, I sure hope he is testing me.

Our trip started off a little rough on Saturday morning, Ariel, of course, “over slept”! My cat and I waited for him for over thirty minutes outside his house, I was beyond annoyed especially when he sent me a text saying, “I need to finish my laundry.” I actually started to drive away at that point, I went and got a coffee. Then for some stupid reason, I returned back to him.

Oh and yes, you read that right, my cat was coming along. Per Ariel’s idea. See my cat needs medicine twice a day so it cost me list $75 a day when I am gone so he suggested that we just bring her with. Which was one of the reasons why I was driving.

Road Trip

I am going to be totally honest with you guys though, a HUGE part of me felt like he didn’t over sleep, well maybe he did, but I had a strange feeling he had a late night with another girl which is why he was such a shit show today. But I tried not to let that idea ruin the morning anymore than he had already done so once he dropped his bag in the car, we were wheels up.

He told me he had his parents family watch a Vegan documentary last night and now he’s mom is on board with giving up dairy. She never realized how bad it was for you. And that’s another reason why he was running late because she kept wanting to talk about it. As we drove through the beautiful green valley’s that southern California offered this time of year, he asked if I wanted to cut over to Paso Robles for the night, since our AirBnB in Santa Rosa wasn’t available until the Sunday. I love Paso Robles so I was totally down. We exited the freeway, hopped on the 166 and drove along orange groves and other fruit farms before we got on the 101 North bound. It was starting to feel a little romantic. Why does driving through fruit farms, wine country automatically make us feel this way?

Ariel said we should stop in San Luis Obispo to check things out and to hit up the herb garden, so we did. It was cute but not at all what I expected. Herb Garden to me sounds like a place where you can go and buy plants and all. However, this cute little shop is a place where you can buy dried herbs. He, of course, had to sound like he knew everything about herbs with the cute college girl working the counter. We didn’t buy anything but when we left, he was all, want to have a threesome with that girl. I again, had to remind him that I am not interested in having a threesome. For some reason it really bothered me and made me feel a little empty, I hope to gosh this does not mean that I am developing serious feelings for him!

We grabbed some tea as we walked back to the car and headed to Paso Robles. And I was finally ready to let go of all of the annoying things that Ariel had done to me that morning. I knew I needed too to be able to make the most of the this trip. As we rolled into Paso Robles, Ariel seems to the know the area well, so he picked out a local restaurant for lunch that he’d been to with his dad.

Kitty on Bench

The weather was nice. So I let me kitty out of the car to stretch her legs, cracked the windows and put her in the back seat. We went into the fine-ish dining restaurant and split the black lentil tacos (so good!!) and garden burger. It was so nice. I felt like an older couple with him, might have been because we were the youngest folks in there but it was kind of fun. It was also the way he talked to everyone, he’s so assertive. At the end of our meal, he researched a few wineries that he wanted to check out so we headed out of town to check them out.

wine tasting

First pit stop we made was at a winery called Jada. It was cute, but the wine tasted like a sweet tart candy and way too sweet for me. Ariel, he didn’t even order a tasting, he could tell by just looking the wine, that it wasn’t good. Within two tastings, I was good and we left. As we drove out, we were surrounded by vines on each side of us. I noticed that the vines were in the shape of a menorha. I said, hey take a picture and show your dad. He liked that. He’d never noticed that before. Neither had I. Although, if it he was Jewish, I’m not sure I would have made the connection.

Wine tasting

We continued down a long windy road country road. Driving passed winery after winery. We can to a point where we thought we might have passed the one french inspired one that we were looking for when he stumbled upon a few olive oil farms. We stopped and asked a guy who was tending to his yard and he told us to just keep going. Man, I couldn’t image what it would be like if you attempted to taste at every place along this road. You’d be beyond hammered.

Another mile down and one turn to the left, we finally stumbled upon Tablas Creek Vineyard. The property was so beautiful, I jumped out immediately to try to enjoy the grounds then I turned towards the car to see Ariel still sitting inside rolling a joint. Poor guy, our lunch didn’t sit well in his. Crohn’s disease just flares up randomly all the time. But now that I know what he has, he slowly revealed this to me last week. I can be more supportive.  So I let him have his time in the car, while I took the kitty out of the car and took fun pictures of her throughout the property.

After he smoked his joint, we headed inside. Ariel looked over the delicious looking tasting menu as did I – I was super excited as this vineyard was all French with vines that the owners brought over from the Rhone region of France – my favorite!

Ariel picked what he thought would be their top three for us to taste and I added two more to that list that I wanted to taste. This was it! It was our first real wine tasting experience together. And the first time, I’ve really seen him drink. I mean, now I know why he doesn’t drink all that much and why he’s careful with what he eats but I was excited!

As we tasted we enjoyed some nice conversation with a the Frenchman who served us. We learned a lot about the property, I learned that Ariel actually knows quiet a bit about wine. In fact, his knowledge of the whole process was so impressive that the guy asked Ariel, “do you own a vineyard?” Ariel smiled BIGGER than I’ve ever seen him and replied, “not yet, but I will.” And then he looked over at me while still wearing that big smile and I gave him an awkward smile as I turned into this little immature girl as I got all squirmy and turned towards my glass and took a drink.

I always do this. I have the worst problems, issues…whatever you want to call it with moments like these. I don’t know how to just embarrass them and really enjoy those little moments. I mean I do and I did with him up until now. Which only means one thing, I’m really starting to like Ariel! NOOOOOOOO!!! I’m gonna get so hurt by him, there’s no way, I can actually start to develop serious feelings for him. Then I started to think that it was just the wine, but it wasn’t. See Ariel, as backwards as he is in the bedroom, he’s smart, he’s thorough with everything he does and he actually takes care of me in a way no one has ever done before. He’s slowly teaching me patience and to enjoy one or two things rather than everything that comes your way. Much more quality over quantity with everything in life.

I pushed past the feelings by being a little distant with him, which I know it’s the healthiest way to go about it but that’s what I could do at the time. He wasn’t as much of a fan of the wine as I was. I love French blends and he’s more about pure Pinot kind of guy. I joined their wine club, bought a few bottles of wine and a bottle of their olive oil and we headed out.

The sun was getting low in the sky and I had promised him that I would take some photos of him in the countryside. And let me tell you, the countryside was so pretty looking, the sun was sitting low in the sky and everything was so green around us. And I was tipsy! Ha! I took some pics of him with my 5D, he took some of me and then I took some of him and my kitty. They looked so cute! As I packed my camera back up, I handed him my phone. We got in the car and drove back to Paso Robles to wonder around and find some dinner.

Everyone recommended this one little Italian restaurant in town. I know his stomach is sensitive so we walked over to look at the menu and while we were talking with the hosts, he and she had some very strange looks going on. It was so awkward! Even the manager walked up and asked what was going on. Ariel put our names in for a table and we walked out. I was so beyond hurt, actually I wasn’t hurt, I can’t be hurt – I was just really disappointed and extremely embarrassed. And before I could even express my feelings to him, he said, “she reminds me of someone from my past. We should see if she’d be down to have a threesome with us.” I couldn’t believe it! And I was right, I was totally falling for him because now my feelings and my reactions to him were much worst than they should have been if we were really friends hanging out. And like my therapist says:

“Dating is free therapy!”

She’s right so I took that opportunity to try to explain to him why what he did was inappropriate and how the girl has no idea that were not dating but you totally made me look like an ass. He wasn’t seeing it from my perspective so as we literally walked around the street block size park in downtown Paso Robles a couple of times, he was finally starting to see it from my angle. And just then, he received a text from the restaurant that our table was ready. I said, “we’re not eating there.” Which might be super dramatic on my end and yes, I am bringing in past relationship emotions and problems into this “relationship” and I am trying to work on filtering those old emotions out by talking through it all with him. So we settled on eating at a little Thai restaurant and let me tell you, if you’re ever in the Paso Robles area – you must eat here. It’s so amazingly delicious, especially their garlic noodle dish.

I kind of felt a little bad during the meal, I could tell he felt bad but shit, he needs to know that his words and actions have consequences and I am NOT down for random threesomes so I think he learned that he needed to stop asking me.

We walked back to the car, played with my kitty for a little bit and then drove over to the cheapest hotel that he found us, all the way over in Morro Bay. He checked us into the hotel and then we snuck the cat in. He was so stressed that we were gonna get busted and it stressed me out to but it was kind of little thrilling.

We were so tired so we just jumped into bed, watched some cheesy movie and passed out.

I was so happy that I, for once, communicate to him my feelings and that he was able to understand where I was coming from regardless of if we were dating or just friends, what he was doing was rude. I’m just glad that we are passed that now. Or so, I hope so…

-A. Thea