A romantic trip that is teaching me about patience and him about respect.

Our second day into the trip started off nicely as the morning light shined through our hotel window. It was beautiful and after Ariel took a shower, I did a little photo shoot with shilouetted in the window with the ocean in the distance. Super sexy and super fun! I think moments like these are what make each road trip their own.

Room with a view of the ocean

We packed up quickly, snuck the kitty out, he checked out and we headed north! About two hours into our drive, I really wanted coffee and Ariel was on a mission to find me the best quality coffee that he could. I don’t know how he did it but he found a cute little mom and pop place along our route so we stopped in and grabbed a cup and hit up a local bakery to get a fresh loaf of bread. He took over driving while I sliced up an avocado from my cooler and served him our road trip version of avocado “toast” aka bread.


His mom called. He spoke to her. I called my grandmas. They learned that I was on a road trip with Ariel. They both knew of him and knew it wasn’t anything serious, I know they were just happy that I was with someone. I think they worry about me a little too much because they are both so old fashion.

We eventually passed SF, making our way into the beginning of Sonoma County. Passing a little college town, I forget the name of it now, that Ariel wants to buy property in. He’s asking me if I’d be down to go in on it with him. Confused but I toyed with the idea.

Soon enough, we arrived in Santa Rosa at our AirBnB, it was a back apartment that was connected to house that the owner lived in. It was cute. And perfect because somehow Ariel cleared the kitty with the owner for no extra charge. See, this is where he earns points with me. 

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

We dropped our bags, and headed out on the little tour that he set up last week when he was camping out at my house for two days. It was so nice, so relaxing and yes, romantic too. This is the first time I’ve ever gone wine tasting with a guy and I didn’t have to set it all up!

Preston Vineyards

Preston VineyardsAriel drove us to our first bio-dynamic winery, Preston Winery. He picked this vineyard because they were offering barrel tasting. Sounds exciting and intimate right? I was excited – I’d never tasted from a barrel before and I have to admit it’s pretty special. So we enjoyed this winery and their little farm. Both bought bottles of wine, I bought their cute little wine glasses, we bought some more avocados and he bought another loaf of freshly baked sour dough bread. And we left with a nice buzz.

Wine Tasting

Ariel drove us down the street to what he said was suppose to be one of the best Pinot Noir wineries, Truett Hurst. This busy winery was alright, not the best. Which Ariel figured out the moment he looked at the wine tasting menu. But we sipped away anyways. He ordered water from the man, who said, we have plastic cups available around the corner. Ariel kills me, because he said, “yes I see that but I don’t want to drink out of plastic while I am wine tasting and I also don’t want to waste the plastic so can you serve us water in glasses.” Which is so true. I mean, I get that it’s expensive for people to be grabbing and drinking water but wine tasting isn’t cheap. Besides, plastic is a waste. And is something that drives Ariel crazy! He hates plastic, he hates how wasteful it is and what it’s doing to our environment. He purposely will not drink water if it is served in a plastic cup. Another thing I like about him, he’s extremely mindful and eco-friendly. Which also doesn’t really make sense as to why he voted for Trump. Anyways, let’s get back to the sexy wine tasting vacation story.

Pinot Noir

While we were tasting their Pinot Noir, the guy told us that their sister winery, who speicalized in Pinot Noir’s, was just next door, like literally next door. Ariel’s eyes perked up and he asked, “should we go try?” I said, “of course.”

Pinot Noir

We walked over and tasted the best Pinot’s I think I’ve ever had, I think the best he’s ever had too. They were so good that I signed up for a wine membership before we were even done tasting. Apparently the wife runs this winery while the husband runs the other. While I filled out the paper work, Ariel took a glass of wine and headed out to the farm.


Farm Life Farms

He watched the goats in the field run and play. I walked out to him and just watched him interact with the animals. I saw a side to him that I hadn’t seen before. And he seemed deep in thought so I let him have him moment while I took photos of the garden and the river that ran through the property before walking over to him.


We enjoyed some light conversation as we both took photos of each other in the beautiful sunset. We laughed, finished our glasses of wine and kissed! Kidding, that would be a normal thing that couples would do, right? And nothing about us is normal and we’re not a couple so we just smiled at each other before heading out to the next place.

We tried to go a place he had been to with his father a few months back called DeVero Farms & Winery but they closed. So Ariel took me through the cute little town of Healdsburg. We were starving. Well I was actually getting hangry. Ha! We looked at a few restaurants but they were crazy expensive and didn’t have much for Vegans. Also, he needed to use the restroom because he was starting to get into some serious pain. We headed to this cute market called SHED. Everything looked so good! I wanted it all!! I window shopped and mentally ate everything in sight while he used the restroom. Then when he returned we bought a bunch of sides from the deli and took it all back home with us. I was so excited to eat it! It looked so delicious!

Ariel drove us back to the AirBnB. Which is where I continued to drink, which was not a good idea, we enjoyed our dinner. And for some reason, not exactly sure why, but I got super mad at him. I clearly had too much wine and not enough food! And I went to bed and passed out.


The next morning, I woke up and felt bad. Not in a hang over way but in a I was kind of an asshole kind of way. So I curled up next to him to test the waters and he was fine. I went into the kitchen to make us tea and when I returned he was snuggling with my cat. They were so cute! I’d love to post the pics I took of the two of them but he’d kill me. He’d also kill me if he knew I was writing this dating blog. HA!

Since we hadn’t had sex yet, I figured that now was the perfect time. I removed the cat from the bed and did my thing with him. And thankful, maybe because it was the morning. I didn’t have to spend as much time down south. We did our thing, it was different, it wasn’t such the routine that it normally was, it was almost normal.

I showered. He pulled out his laptop. He said he had some work he needed to do for his dad. When I got out of the shower, changed and ready to go, he was still laying in bed working. I knew he was going to be working all morning so I asked, “how long do you think you’ll be?” He said, “thirty minutes.” I said, “you said that thirty minutes ago, and thirty minutes before that.” I could tell he was getting stressed and I was pissed. He never mentioned that he had to work. Which is fine but I didn’t think he really actually worked. I know that sounds mean, but I’ve never seen him actually do any form of work. So I waited, and waited and then I went to a vegan bakery and got us two vegan pastries. When I came back he was still working so I served him a pastry and refilled his tea.

I tried to apologize to him for freaking out and asking him a million times when he was going to be done. But I just wanted him to understand that he needs to be respectful of my time too because I would have gotten some work done too. He still had work to do so I went for a run.

Do you think I had a right to get frustrated with Ariel? I know I definitely over reacted and I should have just relax and enjoyed the morning. But I wonder if I am frustrate because he has always been late and now he was also wasting my time on vacation or if there was a lot more too it all.

A. Thea