My feelings started to grow even more as our trip came to an end.

Our last morning in wine paradise…

…and it was Valentine’s Day! Ariel and I woke up, greeted each other with good mornings rathe than V Day celebrations. I brushed my teeth, crawled back into bed and snuggled up next to him. We chatted about what we should do before we head to SF for our conference and then I went down south. 😉 Shockingly, this was only our second time hooking up all week(end)!

We packed up, he cleaned everything, vacuumed, swept, everything! I couldn’t believe it. He claimed he had a perfect score on AirBnB and he didn’t want to lose that. Fair enough. We hopped in the car and tried to go wine tasting to one last place but it didn’t open until noon and we had to hit the road.

We drove south, he took me to the little college town that we pasted on the to Santa Rosa. He drove me around the little town asking if I could see myself living there. Super confused for sure but I had to be honest with him, I said, “No.” I need more than what this town can offer, I need skiing nearby if I am going to live in northern California.

San Fran

We drove towards SF, I made us a snack in the car and fed him as he drove. Which, he often drove like a maniac and I did have to yell at him a few times. Ugh! He was weaving in and out of cars, it was driving me crazy! And I was also having emotional issues with him. Leaving wine country made me sad and I didn’t know how to be with my feelings so I just got frustrate and short with him – which is totally not okay.

As we drove over the bridge (he flew over it and blew right past a toll booth – hopefully I don’t get a ticket in the mail) and into SF, we debated on where to park the car. He was trying to find cheaper parking but we had my cat in the car and I didn’t want the car to be in sunlight so I demanded that we park in parking structure. As we continued driving around, he argued with me that it was too expensive and just then, we found a metered parking spot in the shade. We pulled into it, he paid for it and we headed towards our tech/digital conference down in the Embracadero area.

San Francisco

As we walked along the water, I could tell he was confused and almost nervous, so I tried to just put my emotional issues aside and I put a smile on my face. We walked all around the conference, chatted with people together and on our own. A few times, he would go up to girls in their booth, chat with them and look to see my reaction – I didn’t give him anything to go off of and after two attempts he stopped. I was onto him and knew he was trying to get a rise out of me so I played his game and went and chatted with all the dudes there. HA! Anyways, it was hilarious because we reconnected at this Microsoft booth. They had a huge screen up and a camera that was using some facial recognition software. Ariel stood behind me and our ages popped up around our heads. I was dying laughing because it said my age was 28 and his was 39. It was the opposite for us and hopefully made him think I was younger than I was. I know, I do need to reveal my age but not on this trip. I will the next time he asks though, I promise!!!


We did our thing and then thought it would be best to leave before traffic got bad. We walked back to the car, I grabbed my kitty and did a quick little SF photo shoot with her and we headed out of SF. Making one pit stop to get some tacos for lunch in Oakland. Which totally hurt his stomach and forced him to roll a joint and smoke in the street.


Country SideFarm Field


That was pretty much our trip. We drove back to LA thought he was loving all the farms that we drove past on the 5 freeway. He couldn’t believe how much cattle filled the land. I don’t think he’s ever done a drive through farm country, it was cute and sweet. We chatted about how contaminated our food is and just as we talked about that, we saw planes flying over and dusting the crops along the freeway. It was so sad.

Then his dad called. It was funny, he didn’t know he was on a trip with a girl, let alone me but he was shocked to discover that we (he was thinking Ariel and a guy friend) drove to Sonoma. He was like why would you do that? Hahaha! Ahh… because road trips are fun dad!

California Sunset

When we returned back to LA, I dropped Ariel off of at his house because he had a big court day the next day. It’s not for anything crazy, just a traffic violation. Although, I’ve learned that Ariel does love and often threatened lawsuits with most people he has done business with in the past.

As I drove home, I was thankful that we were able to make this trip. That he allowed my kitty to come on the adventure and that I could feel myself opening up and growing. We never celebrate V day, we both said Happy V Day to each other but that was it.

Oh, and I did ask him one thing on the drive back, “you wouldn’t ever be able to date or marry someone who isn’t Persian-Isreali right?” And he replied, “well if I accidentally got her pregnant and she was marriage material then my family would accept her.” Doh!!! OMG! Why, why did he said that, now I my feelings for him are spilling over into that dangerous zone!!!