When he tries to make you jealous and it back fires.

We’re in Utah!! And yes, per the norm, Ariel stressed me the F out getting here. He took a Lyft to my house. He arrived super late, I was bitching at him via text for the last hour and during his drive over for running late so late. We had 80 minutes before our flight took off to unload his luggage, put his skis in my ski bag and order another Uber to get to the airport during Saturday afternoon beach traffic. Why did we change cars and not just take his Lyft? Funny thing is apparently his Lyft driver didn’t have room in his trunk for any luggage – wtf right? Ariel didn’t understand why I was so worried about missing our flight but what he didn’t  understand was that when you travel with a cat, you have to go through the special assistant line, which always takes forever, especially with Southwest. And yes, we were bringing my cat – his idea and I, of course, went with it. Otherwise the trip would have cost double to have a cat sitter check on her and give her medicine twice a day.


After we went through security and had a moment to ourselves before boarding, I finally stopped bitching at Ariel. I felt kind of bad but he caused me so much stress and if we missed out flight, we’d have to wait until the next day. We started laughing and we shared a quick beer together before we boarded. He was super cute too, he totally took the lead the through security, ordering our beer and boarding the plane – he even carried the cat carrier and put her down at his feet. Adorbs right? I was so excited and surreal – not sure what I was feeling but it felt a little bit like I was starting to fall a little too much for him!

We watched a movie on the plane and one that he chose to watch, what was weird because it was The Notebook! I asked if he wanted to watch basketball but he put that on. I am totally blushing just thinking about it!

Once we landed, I had to rent the rental car because Ariel claims that he doesn’t have any credit cards – not sure what that’s about. But I didn’t mind, not to be mean and knock LA drivers but I don’t really trust them in the snow, so I was happy driving all week.

We got the car and headed to get some what we thought would be good Thai food per the reviews on Yelp. The whole dinner Ariel spent on his phone trying to book a hotel room via some app or website that he uses to get a good deal. He’d check it every 20 minutes or so claiming the longer we waited, the cheaper it will be. Oye vie! Annoying as shit but I just rolled with it since I’d already been a crazy bitch earlier.

Well after dinner and driving around a little bit he finally booked us a hotel and we headed straight too it. He grabbed one load from the car and then I unloaded the rest, mostly my kitty items. We unpacked, he put some type of medicine in the fridge. I didn’t ask what kind of medicine because he was being really secretive about it. So I just let him be.

I wanted to get to sleep so we could be first lift up in the morning since it had been snowing. I suggested that we plan on leaving by 7:00am to be able to be on the mountain as early as possible for the fresh pow pow. He laughed and said, “no let’s go around 10am.” I looked at him, and said, “no, we are going at 7:00am because it’s a powder day, if we leave later, there will be no parking.” He listened and agreed that I was right so he agreed and said, “I’ll make a comprise and we’ll leave at 7:30am.” Ha! Ariel, he makes me laugh because this is a line I’ve used on him before. Clearly, he doesn’t think I remember the things I say.

We crawled into bed, I gave him a little massage and then we passed out.


In the morning, I woke up at 7:00am and hustled him to get his ass up and out the door before 7:45am. And we did! Fifteen minutes later than he agreed too but still I was shocked I got him out that early. But we had too because he needed to make a quick pit stop, he had skis and boots but he didn’t own poles so he decided today was a good day to get new ones. (Eye roll!)  Being so cheap, he didn’t want to buy any because they were all over $40, he was all, “can we go check out another store?” I grabbed a pair of poles and said,  “no, we’re not going to another store, buy these, they’re on sale.” Sounds mean, but he’s been looking and debating on poles since before Mammoth and I was over the debating.  We high tailed out of there. Drove up the canyon towards Snowbird, parked our car in literally the last parking spot in the shuttle lot and hopped on the bus.

Skiing in a white out

The snow was coming down pretty hard as we hopped off the bus – I LOVED IT! But I could tell it made Ariel nervous, as we walked into the lodge. He said he wasn’t feeling well so I ordered us a green juice from the juice shop in the lodge to split while we put our boots on. It seemed to help a little bit so we headed out to get our Mountain Collective passes, and as we got into the line for the tram he wasn’t feeling well again. I pulled out a bottle of water for him to sip on as we waited in the line for the tram. Part of me felt like he was just trying to get out of skiing for the day.

Then once he saw the actual tram, he looked nervous, poor guy, I think he was kind of shitting his pants. Seeing a huge tram come in to pick up a bunch of skier in a snow storm is probably scary to someone who isn’t an avid skier. I assured him he would be fine and not to worry. But once we began to board the tram, his face light up with a ‘what the fuck is happening’ kind of look. He was making me nervous, Snowbird and Alta are pretty intense mountains and I know he can handle it but now I was starting to doubt if my decision was a smart one for him. He is precious cargo and extremely delicate. I mean not literally but he is use to being pampered even though he will never say that or admit too it.

But then I figured, no, fuck it, what am I talking about – it’s a powder day and if wanted to join me on this trip then he needs to see me do what I do. But as the tram went higher and higher, and the white out became more intense, I tried to distract him from feeling nervous and took pictures of him inside the tram. It worked and I realized I needed him to continue to look at me, so I just smiled at him and tried to make him laugh so he’d feel at ease.

We arrived to the top, he looked around and you couldn’t see anything – which actually might have been better than if he saw the actual cliffs that were below us. We walked over to the backside, I put my skis on and then helped him with his skis. I wasn’t sure he’s ever seen this much powder so I made sure that his boots and skis were clean before he stepped in. I said, “stay close to me.”

We followed a cat track from the back side of the mountain to the front. Staying super close to each other since we couldn’t see more than twenty feet in front of us. I kept giving him pointers of what to do as I was realizing what I was doing to not fall over, mostly reminding him to keep his knees lose and letting him know when I big bump was coming up.

We finally reached the front of the mountain, we stopped, I gave him a few pointers on skiing in powder and then I dropped it! It was kind of awesome, there was so much powder! I loved it for myself but two turns in and I realized that it was the heaviest Utah powder that I’ve ever skied!!! OMG! It was horrible and I knew Ariel was going to have a tough time so I stopped and yelled for him to go. He was so scared. And finally started to move but he couldn’t turn. He just kept traversing across the mountain. I felt so bad, he was so scared of getting hurt. Uh, shit! He didn’t get it, he couldn’t figure out how to turn in the heavy powder, I tried to help him and guide him but like he said, “this isn’t safe.” I tried so hard to get that out of his head. And normally this run takes me like maybe ten minutes to get to the bottom, if that. It took us one and half hours!!!! It was a complete white out and super heavy powder. It was exhausting me! So I couldn’t even imagine what Ariel was feeling. When we finally got to the bottom he said he still wasn’t feeling well so I suggested that we go in and get some tea.


We sat fireside at the little restaurant at the bottom of the mountain. Removed our snowy items and began warming up when the waitress arrived to the table. As I was looking at what to order, I could hear Ariel – he was flirting with the much older than me waitress! WTF? He’s crazy, I couldn’t believe it. Could we go half a day without him trying to piss me off?

Maybe he doesn’t get it, but one we are not even a full 24 hours into our trip, he’s hitting on someone else right in front of me and I’m missing a sick powder day to be by his side while he’s not feeling well. What the fuck!? I was pissed, hurt and honestly kind of embarrassed, and when he excused himself to use the restroom, I did what I know best, I ordered a beer called Polygamy and a tea for him. When he returned he complained the tea wasn’t good enough, I tried to get what he would have liked but she told me they were out. However, when Ariel asked for it, she somehow found that exact tea! Ugh! Bitch! See this is when women need to stick together.

Realizing I was going to get more upset the longer I sat there and that there was a huge mountain that was covered in powder calling me name, I slammed the beer and said, “I’m going skiing.” He said, “you can’t. It’s not safe out there.” I looked at him and said, “I’m not going to sit here and watch you flirt with the waitress.” He laughed as I put my hat and goggles on. I said, “I’m missing out on powder to help you and you don’t appreciate it so text me if you get worst.” And I left.

I made a few runs, all during which Ariel was blowing me up, texting me – clearly trying to make me even more jealous – he told me the waitress gave her his phone number. Ahhh, so annoying, we are in day one of an eight-day ski trip and he’s already causing drama. I kept skiing and then two runs later, he texted that he really wasn’t feeling well. He’s lucky that I just happen to be on the bottom of the mountain when I got that text, so I skied over to the chalet, went inside to find him and he wasn’t well. He had altitude sickness.

Instead, I went down to the little market on the first floor of the building, picked up some ginger pills and a bottle of water. Went back upstairs to give them to Ariel and he wouldn’t take them. So annoying!! He kept mentioning the waitress. He said, “she said I have altitude sickness, why didn’t you ask me if that’s what it was.” And he’s right, maybe I should have but he’s always sick so I assumed it was the same type of sickness and stomach related. I was kind of annoyed he didn’t tell me, oh I feel light-headed or anything that he told the waitress. Then he pulled our a business card, flipped it over and said, “see the waitress gave me her number.” I about lost it!

I know I shouldn’t have but he was ruining my trip in more ways than one and it was a powder day. And the number one rule on powder day for all skiers is “There’s no friends on powder day!” I was trying to help him, trying everything and anything to make him feel better while he was making me feel like shit. And remember, I also didn’t realize that this whole time when he sick with altitude sickness, I thought he meant his stomach wasn’t feeling well and it was an inflammation thing. Hence why I recommended tea. I told him that next time he needed to communicate that with me. He said, he was fine and told me to go back out. So I did, although you should never really ski when you’re pissed off, especially under these conditions, it’s the easiest way to get injured. After taking one run, I realized this and  went inside to check on him. I could tell he wasn’t well and he needed to get better for us to have a good trip. So we left and headed to Whole Foods, I ran in and bought him some all natural altitude medicine and then we headed back to the hotel.

After we got down from the mountain, I tried to explain to him where I was coming from all day, that when I go skiing, I ski all day long, from the first lift up until the last lift. And as I was explaining this to him, I realized why this was. I was raised with a family who made the most of what we had. We couldn’t afford fancy things, with every opportunity my parents gave me, I took full advantage of every single one of them. Where as with Ariel and his family, he grew up skiing as a novelty, something they did around the holiday, his family could afford fancy ski trips and was okay with him making a few runs and being done for the day. Where as I skied my heart out from the moment the lifts open until they closed. Which, when I made this realization, I realized that he’ll never get it from my perspective unless I actually break it down and explain this all to him. So I did! Which is when I realized that this relationship really cannot work. We were just from different cultures, we were from two totally different walks of life. I’ve worked really hard for everything I have while he still earns an allowance from his dad.

We got back to the hotel, changed, I feed and played with my kitty and then we headed up towards Park City. The St. Regis does this awesome champagne toast at happy hour, I knew Ariel would dig it. And he did! He said, “my dad would really like this place.” I wanted to say, would he want to get us a room here but I didn’t. Ha!

We tried to get a table but it was pretty busy, being President’s Day weekend and all. We high tailed it over to my favorite happy hour place in all of Park City – I loved it because it was Vegan friendly and crazy cheap (during HH)! We ordered some delicious soup, lots of avocado rolls and a few other things – all which helped Ariel out. He was feeling so much better. I think it was due to all of the salt in their yummy miso soup! And now he wanted weed. Ha! He’s such a stoner! Well, not really but compare to me, he is. I tried to get some from my friend who lived in PC but he was working so Ariel asked the bartender and he told him to go ask the bartender next door and twenty minutes later, he scored. It was shit compared to what he’s use to getting in LA but it was weed.

Park City

After he smoked a joint, we drove up to Main Street, walked around, ducked in and out of a bunch of shops. Ariel bought each of us a Park City coffee mug. It was cute, I didn’t know he was into tourist type coffee mugs. He was interested in buying some ski clothes, especially a 100% wool knitted hat. Which you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult but it was because the nice ones were all over $200. I recommended that we stop at Patagonia because he also needed ski clothes. He has some from high school, which is what he wore the first day in Mammoth, but now, he’s been wearing my pants, jacket, long underwear, goggles and hat. Yes, it was super adorable to see him hanging out in my long under all night in Mammoth but the boy needs his own gear. We spent over an hour in the store, he tried on everything I picked out for him and left with nothing. His argument was that nothing was 100% there, everything was a blend and he didn’t like that. Oh, my little Prince of Bel Air!

We walked back up Main Street and then headed back to hotel in Salt Lake City and passed out.

I realized that I appreciate how partial he is with most things, but when it comes to mountain time, he needs to let me ski and do what I do. I still can’t believe that I left one of the best mountains in the US today while it was covered in powder!!! That has never ever, ever happened! I’ve always been the girl who ditches friends who can’t keep up on powder day, not ditched the mountain to hang with them. But I’ve also never gotten jealous on a mountain, I don’t know why he tried to pissed me off. I just hope he doesn’t continue this behavior, or this will end up being a really long annoying trip! And I really hope he’s feeling better in the morning so we can do another day at Snowbird/Alta.

-A. Thea