As I realize we both genuinely care for each other, I’m started to get scared that this isn’t going to end well.

Vegan menu
We order two separate dishes to share and they were colorful, delicious and exactly what we needed. I realized I was little hang-ry earlier, which I think Ariel realized. We talked to the waiter about the town and the place and then we asked for the check. And he said, oh the gentleman that was at the bar earlier picked up your tab. I smiled and thought, now that’s good karma. Ariel was shocked, I don’t think anyone has ever done that for him nor has he ever done that for anyone else. He was so confused. I asked if the man, because I noticed him when we walked in, was a football or basketball player. He looked familiar and he was crazy tall for skier. And sure enough, he was. I won’t reveal his name but Ariel being a BIG basketball fan was shocked to hear the ex-Laker’s player when the waiter read the name off the credit card receipt.
Needless to say, that random act of kindness was beyond kind and a pretty perfect way for us to end out very long, stressful day. And now that I think about it, the message actually was perfect for us at that point.
We strolled back to the hotel while it was still snowing. We stopped a few times to window shop, and I wanted to lean in and kiss him. But instead, I just looked at him and he knew what I wanted. Instead we just looked into each others guys, smiled and continued on our way. I am really starting to fall so hard for him. This trip is either going to end really well, or really bad, I can feel it already.
-A. Thea