A childhood dream was finally coming true and all I could think about was him.

Today I was going to ski a mountain that I’ve been dying to ski since I was a teenager!! I was so beyond excited that I woke at 6:45, fed the kitty and went down to the front desk to get coffee and ask the front desk lady how we get to the bus that takes us to Jackson Hole. I loved that question and couldn’t believe that this dream of mine was finally coming true!
I woke Ariel up when I went back to the room. He was moving really slow. He got up, did a few things, grabbed a brown paper bag out of the fridge, this is what his medicine lived in, and pulled it out and gave himself a shot in the stomach. What the heck? I didn’t realize his medicine was that intense, it kind of scared me a little bit. He laid back down in bed, which confused me. Did he not want to go skiing? So I asked him and he said he had to lay down for at least 45 minutes after taking the medicine. What the.. why didn’t he tell me that the night before.
Jackson Hole
After about twenty minutes, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I asked how was feeling and he said, I should just go and he’d meet me in a few hours. I kissed my kitty good-bye, gave him a hug and walked to the bus stand. As I waited for the bus I started to a little bad. Wondered if I should stay with him. But then the bus came and I hopped on it. As the bus drove further and further out-of-town, I really started to feel lonely. I missed Ariel’s smile. Part of me wanted to turn back and go snuggle up with him, while the other part of me was confused as to why I’d want to do that when I was heading to mountain that was covered in fresh powder.
Little did I know, the cards were already written. I finally arrived to Jackson Hole. I got off the bus, and I was a little nervous. I looked up at the tram and the line was long! They said it was over an hour wait, say what? That’s crazy! Then I noticed there were lines everywhere and nothing was moving. I asked a cute ski patroller what was happening and he informed me that the mountain was currently close because they were blasting for avalanche control. I was shocked! I’d never been anywhere that closed the whole mountain while they did this. Now, I was super nervous. Not because I’m a baby but avalanches scared me. I’ve lost a friend to one and had two other friends get caught in one.
Four Seasons
As I investigated further though, I discovered that the mountain was also closed due to high winds. See even mother nature wanted me to go back and cuddle with Ariel! But I couldn’t, if I did, he’d know he had me wrapped around his finger so I saw a Four Seasons off in the distance and walked over to it. Went inside, because where does a girl hang out? The Ritz or the Four Seasons, well at this that’s where this girl hangs out when she’s trying to stay warm on the mountain. I treated myself to a free tea, they had a table all set up for their guests, and then sat in front of the big fireplace. I messaged Ariel that the mountain was closed as I enjoyed my tea. He asked for me to come back. Ha! Of course he did, right? I waited and waited to hear some kind of news but a half an hour later and I didn’t hear anything. But I did see a few people drinking Bloody Mary’s and they looked delicious. I ordered one, sent Ariel a pic – which I knew he wasn’t going to be happy about. I knew he’d say that’s not safe and he did. He’s so adorable, thirty percent of the time. And then he started sending me pics of him snuggling with my kitty. He was clearly trying super hard to get me to come back but instead I ordered another Bloody Mary. And half way through drinking it, I received a text message that due to high winds, the mountain would remain closed for the day!!! Can you believe that? I was so bummed! I texted Ariel the news and told him that was I coming back home.
When I arrived back to the hotel, it began snowing, It was magical. I changed ed and we headed out to get lunch. We wanted to try some place new but we really loved the place we ate at the night before so we headed back there. We both order something different from what we enjoyed the night before. Ariel was hesitant, he really wanted to try bison. He was kind of new to the whole vegan thing and I told him that if he wanted to try it that he should. But he opted out.
Best Happy Hours
After a delicious meal, we bummed around town. We dropped into a few stores, dropped in a few bars, hit up a few happy hours. After hitting about two to three bars, I drank at each one, where as Ariel only drank at one.
 Friday Night Fish Fry
Then we went a nice place we found on Yelp because they had the best wine list. Ariel again, made sure that we only ordered the best wines on the menu. While he did that he saw a fish and chips on the happy hour many, and we decided to fall off the vegan wagon. And it was so worth it – super yummy – actually so much so that Ariel wanted seconds but I reminded him that too much fried food will hurt his stomach so we asked for the check and continued our fun little bar crawl.

Silver Dollar Saloon

We were literally having the best time! We always sat at the bar, chatted with each bartender about the town, and what they recommended we do. I honestly felt like we were an old married couple, and I’m sure we appeared to be much more than we were. It was really nice and so far from the truth, which made me feel a little sad. I knew I wanted more and I think I wanted it with Ariel in the long run. I just didn’t know how to make it happen, he’s already said that he can’t date outside of his cultural. And I know his one friend who I met when I first met Ariel, makes fun of us and doesn’t understand why Ariel hangs out with me because of my age. So I decided to do what I do best and put away my feelings for the night.
After one to many bars, Ariel wanted to head back to the hotel. I said, wait can we please go into the most famous bar in all of Jackson? He said, “no.” So I, of course, walked right in to the bar. I sat on their version of a bar stool which was a horse saddle and ordered a beer. He walked up and told me he had to use the rest room. Then followed up with, “do you want to play a game of pool?” I said, “sure but if you lose, you have to go down on me.” He responded with, “and if you lose you have to give me anal.” I said, “no way! But let’s play.”
While he used the restroom, I racked the balls. He walked out, grabbed a pool stick and asked me to break. I declined. He broke and he continued to get six balls in, in a row!!! He smiled at me, I smiled back, laughed and shook my head no. He laughed. Then he scratched. I took two turns in the entire game, getting in three balls before he won. I slammed my beer and we walked back to our hotel room. He was so excited that he won.
We returned to the room, I think he thought we were gonna bang right away but I wanted to take the my kitty on a walk, she’d been cooped up in a hotel room or car for the last few days so I bundled her up in my jacket and we went back to the little square that was all lit up. She loved it! She loves Christmas lights so she just sat there under them, people watching. I had Ariel take pics of the two of us and then we headed back to the room.
We crawled into bed. My kitty joined us. She walked up to Ariel and gave him a kiss. I was so jealous, she wouldn’t give me one. I asked, “what happened between you two today?” He snuggled up to my kitty and said, “you’ll never know.” Ah!! So not fair right? But oh so cute! And just then, I decided that finally for the first time on this trip, Ariel and I would have sex.
I did what I always do. I busted out the grapes oil, yes he traveled with it! Massaged him. Then went down on him for a little, okay, a long while and then I crawled up on top of him. Handed him a condom, and he slipped inside of me. I honestly don’t remember too much more, I was pretty wasted. I do know though that I did not give into his prize for winning in pool!! However, I don’t even remember if I had an O. I doubt it though, it’s harder for me to have one when I’m drunk.
And then I assume we passed out.
I was so exited to finally be on my dream trip but I had no idea how to handle my feelings other than to just to drown my feelings in booze. Which was not good. I drank so much more than Ariel, he only had like three maybe four glasses of wine all day and night, while I just kept tossing them back. I have to be better tomorrow, I must, that’s my goal!
-A. Thea
PS: Sorry I am behind in posting these, I wrote these during the trip and just now proofing them and adding pics.