A day filled with one argument after another.

It was our last full day of my dream ski trip, and I had the best intentions to make it our best day yet, however I don’t think Ariel had those same intentions.


I was super excited to get on the road so I could hit the fresh powder at The Canyon’s. I woke up before sunrise to get a start on the day. As I brushed my teeth, I looked over at Ariel. He looked so warm and cozy, I so wanted to snuggle up next to him, so I did. I curled up into him. I reached over his body to check on his knee, I wanted to feel it to see how swollen it was. But as I reached across his body, my hand rubbed up against his groin area and I was very surprised to find that he had a serious case of morning wood. I know I shouldn’t all that surprised, I know morning wood is a totally normal thing for just about every guy but I’ve never felt or seen one on Ariel. I think his Crohns and inflammation issues have something to do with it all. So I gently tapped his shaft and said, “we should really take advantage of what’s happening here.” He laughed and he said, “but my knee.” I replied, “I’ll be careful.”

I folded the covers back, slowly removed his pants – he reminded me again to be careful, which I was super-duper careful because I knew if I did damage his knee further, I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Then worked my magic on his genitals and within a few minutes, he was beyond ready to go. But of course, with Ariel being the way he is, he wanted more oral sex from me. He said, “just five more minutes, c’mon, it can get harder.”

He’s so demanding! He has no idea how good he has it. Most guys would die to have their girl go down on them every single time they hooked up. So I just ignored his begging for more, reached into my bag for a condom and handed it to him. As he put it on, I slide my panties off and began to straddle him. He looked up at me and said, “be careful.” And I was, extremely careful.

when she's on top

After our nice little romp. I got dressed and went to fill up a new bag of ice for him. Not because I damaged his knee more during sex – but because he needed to keep icing it for the bruising and swelling to stay down. When I returned, I put a pillow under his leg, laid the ice on top of his knee, kissed his knee (cheesy I know) handed him his phone and hopped into the shower.

As I exited the bathroom, he asked me to check on his knee. It was bruised but honestly, it didn’t look that bad. He asked again, for the millionth time, what I thought he did to his knee. And again, I said, “I think it’s just a bruise your knee cap.” Which I know can be very painful but it’s much better than tearing a ligament. As I got dressed, pack up and he hobbled into the showered.

snowy car

Trying to get a move on it, I went outside to load the car up, but I opened to the hotel door to find our rental car completely covered in snow!  It was pretty awesome and reminded me of life before LA. We didn’t have an ice scraper so I used my arm to clean of the car, it was cold but it was also super fun!


I was totally covered in snow and my hand was frozen. When I went back inside, Ariel was like what happened to you and then became concerned that I would get sick. I had wet hair and I was covered in snow. But I loved it! And told him not to worry. See I don’t understand, he won’t give me a normal relationship, I mean at least I don’t think so, we never had the talk but he’s always so concerned about my well-being. He also does cute little things like if my phone is anywhere near my private parts when we are in the car, he picks it up and moves it away. He’s concerned that RFs might interfere with my cells, I guess. I don’t know but its super cute!

The car was loaded up, and I helped Ariel walk out to it. I didn’t want him to slip and fall. As I held his hand, he asked again about his knee. And again I said, “I think just a bruise because if you tore something you wouldn’t be able to fully bed and extend it.” I also explained the crash to him again, reminding him that his knee hit his binding which is why his ski, thankfully, released.

We drove through town, the streets were somewhat covered in snow, the plows did a nice job at cleaning up, but the best thing I noticed is that all of the big rigs were gone! I was so happy because I did not want to drive through the pass with them by our side. On the drive, I explained to Ariel that I was going to ski all morning, while he and Momo could bum around or just hang out in the lodge. I figured he could do a little work.

We pulled into Park City and it was dumping! Huge snowflakes! I loved it! We had a little time before the mountain opened so I pulled into the best bagel shop in town because Ariel loves a good blueberry bagel. I walked in to get us some bagels while he waited in the car. While I was waiting for my bagel to get toasted, Ariel limped into the shop, he sat down and started eating one of his two bagels. He was still really concerned about his knee. And not to be an asshole but I was kind of over it. See I come from an extremely athletic background, and I grew up during the era before participation ribbons were a thing, a time when coaches told you to suck it up. And when ever I’ve been injured I’ve either suck it up and keep moving or I’ve gone in to see a doctor to make sure I wasn’t going to damage whatever it was that I injured anymore.

So I laid it straight out to him. I looked up at him and said, “right next door is an urgent care, why don’t you just go in and get X-rays done.” Then he said, “you think I need X-rays?” I rolled my eyes and said, “No but it will give you a piece of mind.” Which might have been a bad thing to suggest because then he started to worry that his injury was serious and freaking out a little more, worried that this injury was going to cost him a lot of money. Which again, makes no sense to me, it’s his health, he has health insurance and last time I check, he lived in Bel Air and drove a $150k Benz. So why the stress, right?

I grabbed Ariel’s insurance card from him and walked over to urgent care to see 1) if they took his insurance, 2) how much his co-pay would be and 3) see if X-rays were covered through his insurance. I even spoke with a doctor and nurse. Then I walked back to the bagel shop, told Ariel all he had to do was pay his $20 co-pay. And they could get him in right now. He was still hesitate and I told him that I was done with hearing about his knee, which sounds really mean, but stop complaining and do something about it already! So he did.

He agreed to go but before he filled out the paper work and handed his car over, he was still hesitant. And for the first time on the trip I was having serious FOMO of missing a powder day!! So I lost it a little when I said, “Ariel, you’re wasting my mountain time by not making a decision, and I don’t feel comfortable leaving you sitting in the lodge with who knows what’s wrong with your knee, just please fill the paper work out and see the doctor!” What I said sounds really harsh but even the receptionist was annoyed and totally agreed with me. And then finally, he began filling out the paper work but yet asked me one more time, “you think somethings seriously wrong with it?” I just wanted to scream!

About an hour later, after a few knee tests and X-rays, the cute female doctor who was around my age, told Ariel that it’s just a bruised knee cap! He looked so sad when she said that but also looked a little annoyed that I was in the room with him. I know he was dying to ask the doctor out. It was so beyond obvious. And I think it made her a little uncomfortable, she has no idea what the real story is between him and I – shit, I don’t even know.

They tried to give Ariel a brace but of course, he had to price it out online. He realized they were charging double of what he could actually buy the brace for at CVS or Wal-Mart so we left, without a brace and without the doctors phone number. As we walked by her, he slowed down and I know he wanted to ask so badly, but he didn’t.

Apres Ski

I was beyond annoyed and wanted to hit the powder. But Ariel wanted me shop around for a knee brace with him – I laughed and said, no way, you’re dropping me of at the mountain. Then my Catholic guilt kicked in and I felt bad. I said, “if you need me to go with you I will.” In a pouty tone, he replied, “no, it’s okay, I’ll be fine.” He dropped me off on the mountain, promised to take care of my kitty and I was finally on my way to the mountain.

After about five runs in some awesome powder, most of it was already skied out but I found a few spots with knee-deep powder over the bumps, Ariel messaged me. Said he was sitting down at a restaurant at the base of the mountain. I said, “great. I’m still skiing.” Then he said, “I invited a girl that I met in Vegas a few years ago to join us.” Seriously, wtf? I’m literally out of his sight for what, not even an hour and he has already lined up a new girl. Ugh! I was beyond annoyed, pissed and super hurt! I said, “who’s we?” He said, “me and the cat.” I now totally understand why mom’s get so upset when their kids meet the other woman before they say it’s okay, not that I’m comparing this situation to a divorced couple but I don’t want some random chick meeting my cat, he can’t use her to pull tail (no pun intended). I again, freaked out on him a little bit for the second time that morning, while I texted him regarding having another girl come hang out with him while I was on the mountain. It was rude and disrespectful, right? I mean, I know that yesterday, before he fell. I said, once we get back to LA we are done. But I didn’t really mean it, and also, were not back in LA yet, so if this was his way of pissing me off and trying to make me a little jealous… it worked! But it also showed me how childish and desperate he apparently is. And reminded me that two days into our trip, he mentioned something about this girl and asked if I wanted to skip this trip and head to Vegas instead. All of this reminded me of how much of a child he is.

I skied off my frustrations for another two hours – I had to the snow was so good and I was not letting him ruin my day on the mountain. The mountain is my happy place and I wasn’t going to let him ruin that.


I was on my last few runs when I messaged him that I was taking laps down the main trail and asked him to meet me at the bottom. He asked why? And I said because I want to take a few photos. Poor guy was limped up to the bottom of the run while carrying my kitty in her cat carrier. My Little Prince of Bel Air, why did he make me so crazy? All I wanted to do was to ski up to him, wrap my arms around him and have a normal relationship but clearly that is not possible!

We greeted each other, then walked over to the restaurant where he was originally waiting, order a beer to split and a Bavarian pretzel (his favorite) with honey mustard. We chatted, I asked where the girl was, he said he told her not to come after how upset I got. Not sure if I just mentally or physically rolled my eyes but whatever for all I know she came and went. It’s all water under the bridge after the awesome mountain day I’d just had and I really didn’t want to get into it or argue with him anymore.

I asked him if he found us a place to stay in Park City. His reaction was amazing! He said, “this place is crazy, I’ve never seen hotel rooms going for over $1,000 a night.” I didn’t understand why it was so expensive, it’s never that expensive and then we realized it was because we were on the tail end of President’s Day week and Gay Ski weekend was happening in PC – we were screwed! Then I said something in a joking tone, although I was kind of serious, “can’t you just call your dad, tell him you hurt your knee and ask him to book us a room at the St Regis or the Montage?” He looked at me like he didn’t know if I was kidding or if I was serious. I didn’t understand, I mean, why can’t we stay some place nice for just one night? I joked about it one more time and then he told me he booked us an AirBnb back in Salt Lake City. Ugh! See, my plan was to ski for a few runs in the morning before we flew out and I really wanted to enjoy PC at night and not worry about having to drive back but that whole idea went out the door.

So before we left Park City, we enjoyed as much of it as we could. We drove up Main Street, went into a few shops and then we went back to our original Happy Hour spot and enjoyed bowls of miso soup, avocado rolls and a few other things before making out way down to SLC.

We pulled up to our AirBnb and I don’t know how Ariel does it, but again, he got us a place where they were okay with my kitty, didn’t charge extra and they waved our cleaning fee. The only downside to the place was that we were staying in one of three bedrooms in a house where the hosts/owners lived.

Bug eyes

As we unpacked, we met both hosts – they were actually husband and wife. They were much younger than me and younger than Ariel. And they were both pretty good-looking. Ariel was totally eyeing up the wife! He kills me! He is the most obvious person when it comes to checking a chick out. His eyes get all big and googly eyed. It’s so rude and especially in front of me and her husband. I felt so uncomfortable that I had to excused myself from the kitchen.

Once he returned to our bedroom, after I had set up my kitty with food and water, we decided to shower – not together – that hasn’t happened since our Mammoth trip. I showered and got dressed, then while he showered, I ran to the closest Whole Foods to get us some groceries for Ariel to make us dinner.

He made a light dinner, while I did some work on my computer aka wrote. We had a nice little quiet dinner in the house. The owners came in and out a couple of times but Ariel’s eyes had calmed down and it wasn’t as awkward.

Ariel and I worked a little bit on our business ideas, I showed him the research I had done during another part of our trip while he was in the restroom for his normal lengthy time – again due to his Crohn’s. Ariel cleaned up while we brainstormed some more and then he discovered something, he spotted a Nintendo in the living room and he wanted to play. I was down until I saw it was the newer Nintendo, and all games that I’d never heard of because of our generation gap. I was hesitate to play but for the first time since he hurt his knee, he was super excited and said he’d teach me.

He was exceptionally sweet, taught me everything I needed. And told me that he picked a game that he use to play with his siblings all the time. I could tell he was reminiscing a little bit, it was pretty adorable. Once we starting playing, I had no idea what I was doing, I just kept pressing buttons and I won! I beat him. We played a few more times and I said, “wow I’m pretty good, I beat you.” He smiled back at me as he put the controllers away. I looked at him and asked, “did you let me win?” He shrugged his shoulders and said, “maybe.”

We laughed, grabbed our things and walked back into our bedroom and went to sleep.

We had a very long day with a few too many arguments, which I really don’t like doing with him. But at the end of the day, I still wanted to snuggle up to him and I did. I just wish there was some substance behind it all. I also wondered if he was being so obvious with all of these girls today to get a reaction out of me, especially after I said we’re done when we return back to LA. And let’s be real, if he doesn’t want to be done then he needs to express that to me rather than act out or do whatever it is that he is doing.


A. Thea


PS: Sorry for the blog hiatus, writing about this is extremely difficult, it’s forcing me to really be in touch with my feelings and analyzing my words, actions and the impact is has the outcome of each situation and day.