Dropping him off for good.

The morning after we arrived back to LA from our week long ski trip, I dropped Ariel off at home on my way too work. It was odd because I’d never been to his place during daylight hours and I was dropping him off in front at the front gate, where if his mom or anyone was looking out, they would possible see me.

We pulled up, and I said, “if anyone asks who I am just say I’m an Uber.” Not sure why I said that but it made me feel better. Ha! I unloaded his skis, poles, boots and LV suitcase. Walked them up to the gate for him, as he hobbled over and hit the call button for someone to buzz him in. Not sure why they don’t have a code that they can just type in. He got buzzed in and I asked, “do you need help taking it in or is someone gonna come help you?” He said, “no it’s fine, someone will come out.”

We said good bye. No hugs or anything like that, because remember, I’m the Uber driver. And I went to work.


Within an hour of being at work, Ariel sent a text stating that my jacket had arrived and asked me to come over that night to pick it up and watch a movie. (Awe – I thought – he must miss me, right? But I couldn’t give in.)

I told him that it wasn’t a good idea and he should just hang with his family. I did need my peacoat jacket, the jacket that we left up in our hotel room in Morro Bay when we went wine tasting. Ariel had hung our jackets and his sweater up, I didn’t know and then when we were half way to Sonoma, I realized I didn’t have my jacket and he said, “oh we forgot to grab them.” At which point, I said, “well if you didn’t hang them up then we went have forgotten them.” And his response back then killed me, he said, “of course I hung them up, we’re not animals.” Ha! Mister fancy pants, he makes me laugh. He had them mail the items to his house and apparently they arrived while we were skiing.

Anywho, I told him I’d swing by at some point this week to get my jacket from him. And don’t get me wrong, I did want to go over to his house after work but not if things were going to be the same between us. So I play it tough and stuck to my guns and after work I just went home.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

I think what I’ve learned so far from “dating” Ariel is that I need to live more in my fem. Not be high maintenance but allow a guy to take the authority more than I usually allow them too. After all, they need to feel wanted and needed just as us women do. But I am going to take what I learned from Ariel and put it into my next relationship. Because like my therapist says, “Dating is free therapy”. And I fully agree as long as you’re not over thinking it but you think about your actions, words and gestures during a situation or after.

-A. Thea