I’m a girl who focused on her career and dated on the side. Only problem is that this year, I will be turning 40 and I am extremely single for many reasons.

According to most of my girl and guy friends, my past dating stories have been pretty crazy. I seem to randomly meet fairy tale type men but then I usually mess it up because deep down inside I fear commitment. I’m really good at deflecting, which is something I am going to work on this year.

I am going to make a concise effort to change my old habits, get out of shell and date differently so that I can try to find my knight and shining armor. And by knight and shining armor, I mean a guy who inspires, motivates and makes me laugh.

Warning, sometimes my blog might get a little Rated R, as I go into details about my dates, I’ll try to stay away from the Christian Grey types 😉

Wish me luck with this whole new world of dating apps and “let’s Netflix and Chill” crowd.

This is 40,

A. Thea

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